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Changelog | April 1st


Leadership Team
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Server Owner
First changelog of the month! Not much done for you guys to see this week every single one of our developers are working on projects for the new style of Prison server we are releasing soon. Anyway, here is the compiled list of bug fixes we have done this week.

  • You can now pay people with commas such as /pay gullible 1,000,000 to make it easier for you to see
  • Launched Space realm
  • Fixed an issue where items would disappear if you mined blocks with said item in your hand in mining world
  • Fixed an issue where you could not withdraw from is bank with decimal places
  • You can hit bosses if you do not have the mob interaction perm on the island
  • Fixed an issue where you would be unable to attack bosses due to "target is in a non-pvp area"
  • Fixed an issue where shards from xpshop would drop on peoples islands even if they did not have the drop permission
  • Explosions can no longer break generators
  • You can no longer redeem XP bottles that will put you over Minecrafts limit (2.1 billion)
  • Fixed an issue where supply drops in mob arena on space did not restock
  • Fixed astronaut kit not working on Space
  • Lots more work towards prison reset!
  • Released voting update
Another reset post coming out tonight, can you guess which server?!

Thanks folks,
Nah it will be Jurassic. They just going down the list from right to left


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Hyped for prison rework!
'prison server releasing soon'
hrm, i wanna say prison but im guessing its a skyblock realm which would mean jurassic most likely
-quivers with antici... ... ... pation-
I think it will be Jurassic that will be resetting, as it is the next in line. Good update, bug fixes are nice, and I look forward to the prison server opening!