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Changelog and what do you want? | May 19th


New member
>Add Speed UHC to /events.
>Add special items which are only available on the certain according to its theme(ex. Special sword(daggers,assassin's knife) basically items with lore which are better than vannilla weapons(for ex. a poison sword which gives a 10% chance to poison your friend;a Levitation wand which give 10% chance to give ur opponent levitation effect)


Active member
Make the envoys toggle remember its setting on relog.

Make /fly remember its setting on relog.

Make /border remember its setting on relog.

Make /nv remember its setting on relog.

Change the rules so that inviting people on your island and taking their spawners before kicking them (if proven) is punishable.

Make events messages toggleable.

Make the rules clear about what we can and cannot say in chat, and possible update the badwords filter to reflect those rules.

Make bans/mutes less than 24 hours appealable again. That a mod messed up does not always mean his 'career' should be on the line.
Add spawners that require more complicated farms so people can actually benefit from their skills... For example mushro spawners or ghast spawners and make them the new main way of spawners to get money, i think we can all agree that villy are boring.


New member
Add more different prison requirements
Like add a thing where you have to have a certain amount of money and blocks from the mine your at
a skyblock realm which is without all the new features, OG realm without fast place, villy, sponge, hay, blockstack, keys in inv etc


Active member

This suggestion is aimed for island leaders and making it easier to identify insiders.

/isbank log
This suggestion will allow island Leaders and Co-leaders to view a Log of who has deposited and withdrawn money from island bank and how much they deposited or withdrew.

Bank notification
When someone deposits or withdraws from island bank. The players on that island will get notification is chat saying who has deposited/withdrawn money from the bank and how much was deposited/withdrawn.

/is chest log
The /is chest log will allows island leaders and co-leaders to view a log of who access the island chest and the items them took out or placed in the chest.

Spawner notifications
These notifications will allow members who are toggled to get notifications in chat when
- A spawner is modified(so when they are updated)
- spawners are places on the island
- Spawners are removed on the island

For those who want spawner notifications the island leader could do the command
/spawnerstoggle, this would enable notifications for the leader.

They can add other players to receive notifications by doing the command
/spawners add ign
But they can only add players who are on the island.

/spawners history
This command will display a history of spawner activity on the island. So who placed/mined/modified and the quantity.
Just get better teammates you can trust or decide their perms. Problem solved.


Well-known member
  • /spectate mode in pvp for watching the epic pvp battles
  • Give the ability to use all xp for shards or mobcoins at once
  • island whitelist so you dont need to coop the same player over and over
  • Rewards for solo players for highest island levels
  • more building blocks like concrete
  • delay on using points for spawners in the first few days after reset


Active member
Make it so money earnt by t3/t4s instantly go into is bank instead of the owner’s balance. And you can already put /is withdraw perms to officers or co leaders on the island so that isnt an issue. This would make teamwork give an advantage over the islands where the owner is the only one adding spawners. I do really like the concept of a Sell Portal on that server you do not enjoy/like. It makes teamwork pay off. And its another item to grind to get, collecting items to max it out,ect.. It makes it more fun as it’ll also change up the eco a bit.
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Well-known member
Make a mooshroom Spawner that is OP
Drops lapis and more. Like a villie but cooler
No. Mushrooms aren't good mobs. End of discussion. They look disgusting. And mushrooms aren't even actual animals they are vegetables.


New member
This is a long term based idea: Adding Event Skyblocks, When there's a World cup football, a football (soccer) based realm with a limitid time of like 4-6 weeks. (this could work with al sorts of events like: Olympics, etc..

Second idea: Hardcore Skyblock, With much harder to get items and spawners: And all u can get from the Online shops are items that not affect the Competetive idea: and, the pointshop with higher prices.

Third Idea: a 30 day vote profile that resets every month and on the end the tag: TopVoter May/June/etc.. and an awesome reward.

Fourth Idea: When someone gets something sick out of a crate, Show it in the chat like: CoalaBear has won a Warlock rank from a Basic crate.

Fifth idea: More variable Pets.

Im out of ideas now; hope u like them :)


New member
I'd suggest a change-up to t4 spawner upgrades on regular skyblock realms to be a one time thing or be able to condense for 24 hours at a time for an infinite lifetime.. In addition incorporate BoxingSheeps changes to t4 to condense poppies somehow, rather than condensing them however I'd vote that t4 spawners removes poppies all together, similar to how t4s in Marvel removes gems and coins.