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Changelog | 6th October


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Hello everyone,

To be honest, there have been no where near as many bugs as we thought there would be when pushing an update the size we did. The vast majority of bugs have been fixed and we just have a few left to go, mainly Conquest and Malls issues. We have worked so hard to get bugs fixed the day they are reported and we think we have done a fairly good job at this. Below is our whole compiled changelog since launch last Saturday.

● Fixed the vote toggle option not working.
● Fixed /events toggle sending you the wrong messages.
● Fixed staff not bypassing the island fly permission.
● Fixed lucky packages dropping rabbit spawners.
● Fixed an issue where some profiles on our site would not be accessible.
● Fixed an issue where the farming skill was not configured causing the percentages to be very high.
● Fixed an issue where you could not break/place blocks next to machines.
● Fixed an issue where hoppers would think they were the wrong tier hopper.
● Fixed an issue with dungeons allowing to be continued at spawn.
● Fixed many, many grammar issues with the crates config.
● Fixed plus emotes not working.
● Disabled jet packs on space being able to be used in pvp and dungeons.
● Fixed an issue where island members were unable to use achievement /boosts.
● Fixed a few errors with our island ranks plugin.
● Added cactus bombs to drop party crates on western.
● Fixed an error with our cobble generator plugin.
● Fixed an issue where boosters would not splash due to target being in a none pvp area.
● Fixed an issue where the toggle mode (the lever) in /ah would not let you switch pages.
● Added ability to issue certain commands in dungeons.
● Fixed events toggle option not working.
● Disabled placing of buckets in the nether.
● Fixed duels teleporting you to the middle of no where due to the incorrect world loading.
● Fixed an issue where the cobble generators would not increase when prestiging.
● Changed supply drops in nether not to spawn per player.
● Added the ability for staff to do staff commands in dungeons.
● Disabled setting home in nether.
● Disabled tpa into the nether.
● Changed the colours of the ranks on the store to match in game colours.
● Changed the colours of ranks on the forums to match in game colours.
● Added the October monthly crate.
● Fixed users being able to take items out of item frames in other peoples malls.
● Fixed the delivery man hologram showing on other worlds.
● Got rid of all the concrete at warp pvp as it is not a 1.8 block.
● Removed obsidian from being sold in /shop to stop sell portals being sold.
● Changed silverfish drop to nether stars to stop generator charms being sold.
● Enabled the Paygol gateway on the store.
● Fixed a lang error in /shop when buying more spawners that said you were buying 500, not 300.
● Fixed an issue with the removal of machines.
● Fixed monthly crates giving incorrect amounts of lucky blocks.
● Removed tier 4-6 of crush rune from the buy menu as max tier is 3.
● Minecraft Achievements will no longer get stuck in the top right corner (Press E to open inventory).
● Added an island permission for accessing machines.
● Deployed our our scoreboard plugin we have been working on to fix the broken placeholder issue.
● Fixed some bugs with it such as duplicate lines and it not updating.
● Removed blasting from swords runes menu as it doesn't exist.
● Blockstacks that were mined by a pickaxe and are merged with another stack will not be taxed.
● Fixed melee doing too much damage to players.
● Added !<message> to put your message in island chat.
● Only our current skyblock realms will show in /perks now.
● Pushed an update to our island top auto plugin to include the island name so it can be used in our announcement.
● Fixed an issue where the invitation achievement would not work if you already had island members
● Fixed you being able to use a jetpack on an island that has fly disabled.
● Fixed an issue where dungeons would continue if you somehow managed to get out.
● Fixed an issue where god apples would eat and you would not get the effects.
● Fixed an issue where you could fishing rod items out of item frames in malls.
● Changed challenges to achievements in the /is GUI.
● Removed challenges from the /is GUI on Experimental as it does not exist
● Changed the starting balance on Experimental to 250 million.
● Added money to the misc kit on Experimental.

In our changelogs, we now want to include bugs and a few features that are on our todo list so you know what we have to work on. If you think we have not fixed a bug you have reported, or it is not on our todo list, please let us know in the suggestions and bugs forum.

● Add a way to add/remove players to your malls.
● Fix the malls renew sign not working sometimes?
● Fix an issue with nether conquest where it adds the same person to all lines of the scoreboard.
● Add an option for nether conquest message toggle.
● Conquest Y is not taken into account.
● Fix the nether placeholders on Mystic not working?
● Fix an error with our chat channel placeholder.
● Change points saving to remove old code
● Halloween update

It is of course the month of Halloween and here at MineSaga, we like to celebrate these times of year very well. You will see our builds being "Halloweenified" over the next week or so and a Halloween update out as our first bi-weekly update over the next week or so.

We hope you have enjoyed this week. Island top was very close yesterday so it is all still to play for. The final 75% off launch sale will end today so take advantage of it. Good luck all and thanks for playing.

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That's a lot of changes, thank you for your hard work!


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Looks good!
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Absolutely amazing! And as D8ug said, thanks for the hard work!