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Changelog | 3rd November


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner

Hello everyone,

Another hard week of work for us with the classic realm launch. We've also been working hard on another realm that will be coming to you very soon! Any guesses? Anyway, here is the compiled changelog of all our changes since October 27th.

● Fixed the beacon GUI overriding the blockstack tier GUI.
● Fixed Dungeons sending the incorrect kick message to the user when they are kicked from a party.
● Fixed completed Dungeons tracking incorrectly.
● Launched the classic realm (https://minesaga.org/classic)
● Changed our Discord announcement formats so #Announcements will contain all important info and #Notices for more spammy info.
● Fixed the KOTH capture time remaining message in chat having the time and the KOTH name placeholder the wrong way around.
● Fixed silverfish eating away at stone in Dungeons.
● Rolled back all damage caused by silverfish in Dungeons.
● Changed the sell portal hologram to update every 10 seconds to stop lag.
● Fixed sell portals trying to update their holograms in unloaded chunks.
● Changed max mob stack from 7,500 to 15,000
● Fixed Farming VII quest not tracking cocoa harvesting on Classic.
● Auction house on Classic will force show items.
● Fixed the fact that pouring water onto lava on Classic would not turn into obsidian.
● Fixed gravestones on Classic rising after every void death.
● Fixed ranks not having 3 trails on classic.
● Removed the nether portal in the nether in Kingdom allowing people to get out of combat. Why is it there anyway?
● Removed all the shops that are not in /shop on classic which causes things like armour and tools to be sold.
● Fixed bottled xp on classic showing as {xp} in the amount due to incorrect lang key.
● Fixed certain words, such as help being blocked in Classic chat.

Thats all for this week!

The Halloween sale will be ending today so make sure you make use of it. Good luck to all participating in the event today!

See you next week.



Moderation Team
Staff member
Amazing! Thanks for the new updates/adjustments. Classic is going amazing!

Wqles :/

Active member
What event, what are prizes and when is the next one?