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Changelog | 27th October


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner

Hello everyone

Finally back to normal sized changelogs after fixing all the bugs with 3.0. We've also been hard at work this week, not only working on the Dungeons update but also the Classical realm that will be coming very soon. Below is the changelog since last Sunday.

● Re-enabled points pay/withdraw globally.
● Fixed the MS+ suffix display resetting after every relog/reboot.
● Fixed an error with the outpost plugin.
● Fixed an issue where your Skill level for farming would increase if you placed/break crops on an Island you have no access to.
● Fixed an error with the spawner upgrade time wand.
● Fixed the toggle message for /chat not working.
● Fixed an issue where Dungeons would sometimes continue after you have left them.
● Fixed is ban not being logged in /is activity when the target player is offline.
● Fixed an issue with the kit GUI that would throw when previewing a kit that executes commands (eg - crate keys)
● Fixed gang info command not doing anything if not in a gang.
● Fixed an error that would occur when you tried doing /bottlexp <non integer>.
● Fixed an issue where is top gui would show incorrect amount of blocks.
● Fixed outpost status displaying the player decapturing and the current owner the wrong way around.
● Added a new Dungeons update: https://www.minesaga.org/dungeons
● Removed Island boosters from island prestige rewards.
● Fixed an issue where the boss in Dungeons health would not set correctly making them a 1 hit.
● Fixed players being able to maintain extra hearts after the Dungeon.

Looking forward to the Classical realm. We also have a 80% off sale running until next Sunday for Halloween. Remember the clocks have changed in some places making the times that we give you different to normal so make sure you are aware of this.

Key all today at 3 PM EDT!



Moderation Team
Staff member
you should give sagas fp 4 and 5 :U