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Changelog | 24th August


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
Hello everyone,

Another weekly changelog for you. Not much again, just a few bug fixes as our whole team is working hard on the resets. We've also hired another developer this week to help us with these updates so if you see him around make sure you say hi!

That being said, here are the few fixes we have done.

● Disabled /vault in combat.
● Increased max mob stack size to 10,000 on Space.
● Fixed an issue where users could place more hoppers on their island than they are allowed.
● Fixed the turtle creature on Marvel giving you pig spawners.
● Fixed an issue with our statistics plugin tracking deaths wrong.
● Fixed a spelling mistake in the arena menu.
● Launched our Amazon Charity Event - please check it out.

Sorry for the smaller changelog than usual again but in a way smaller changelogs are better because it means there are less issues that we are fixing. Hope you're all excited. We're getting very close to being able to tell you what is going on so look out for it.

Thanks folks!


New member
Where to find my sync code on the discord server plz call me on discord my name is TAK_Sharkyy on your discord server.