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Changelog | 20th October


Leadership Team
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Hello everyone

Another week down, another changelog to be written. Busy week fixing issues this week - but also a busy week working on Classical and our next update which will be out next week. We will have more information on Classical very, very soon for you guys so get excited.

Anyway, here is the compiled list of changes that we have made this week.

● Gave users access to the penguin creature on Experimental
● Gave users access to all fastplace levels on Experimental
● Fixed many holes in Dungeons causing you to be able to get out
● Blocked off many places in nether where you would be able to get into spawn while combat tagged
● Removed the Limited time 3.0 vault
● Fixed TNT blowing up malls
● Fixed collected items from auction house not being deleted from your profile after reboot
● Fixed a memory leak with Tutorial
● Fixed a potential crash with our scoreboard
● Added a message to send to users when they try and remove a sell portal that is active or on cooldown
● Fixed an issue where users would be unable to access a bit of their island that was added by the prestige extension
● Fixed an issue where if you were under your hopper limit when you transfer ownership, you are unable to then place more without relogging
● Fixed you being able to enderpearl inside warp pvp while combat tagged
● Fixed the action bar message for enderpearl cooldown not having colour
● Put barriers around the outside of Dungeons to prevent people hiding away for the whole of it
● Fixed the xpshop for 1,000 mob coins showing the incorrect cost
● Players in the fishing event will now be invinsible (including their rods etc)
● Fixed the Halloween crate not giving out Halloween tags due to incorrect coupon name
● Fixed you being able to join The Crypt while combat tagged
● Blocked off some high areas at warp pvp to prevent bow boosting into spawn
● Fixed the unable to remove message when failing to remove a sell portal not showing due to incorrect lang key
● Fixed an issue where the fishing event would announce the winner with 0 fish caught
● Fixed an issue with shift mining blockstacks
● Disabled you from withdrawing points that are not integers
● Fixed an issue where if the leader of the island was offline and you won nether conquest, it would not end due to it being unable to give rewards
● Fixed an issue with our island top payouts plugin that would sometimes set players island levels to lower than it should be when it force updated them due to it not reading blockstacks that were not cached properly (yay)
● Added /chat to toggle your chat on and off
● Fied an issue where the pages of /is activity where slightly messed up due to page logic
● Added the ability for Saga rank to have bold nicknames

That is it for this week. The changelogs are slowly but surely getting smaller every week as we keep fixing more bugs with our new setups. Halloween crate all today at 3PM EDT. See you all there!
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good job

Wqles :/

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Like it, but y’all really screwed up dungeons by closing it off. Really frustrating and rewards should be buffed.