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Changelog | 13th October


Leadership Team
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Server Owner

Hello everyone

Wohoo, time for another changelog. We found a lot less issues this week than last, which is good for me because I don't have to spend so long compiling them all together! We've also finally been able to start working on feature changes for you and our updates now that everything is fixed. We just released the Halloween update so if you are interested in looking at that, you can click the link here: https://www.minesaga.org/threads/halloween-update.27293/.

Anyway, here is the changelog...

● Changed the message it sends you when you purchase wand fuel from the shop.
● Fixed a few spelling errors in achievements.
● Pushed an update to fix an error with our chat channel placeholder plugin.
● Rewrote points saving due to it using outdated code.
● Fixed the global leaderboard showing incorect mob kills due to wrong SQL query.
● Fixed an issue where you would sometimes not be able to renew your mall.
● Fixed an issue where you would not be able to transfer island ownership due to too many hoppers when prestiging.
● Added an option to toggle nether conquest messages.
● Changed all our builds to a spooky theme.
● Fixed some places in the PvP Arena where you could get into spawn.
● Removed our 4th voting link.
● Fixed an issue where the scoreboard would show the top team for nether conquest 3 times rather than teams 1-3.
● Fixed an issue where the placeholders for nether conquest would not load.
● Fixed an issue where the jackpot GUI did not show you anything.
● Added /malls add/remove <player> [shop]
● Fixed an issue where level 4 spawners said they cost 2 mob coins to condense, not 3.
● Fixed skills percentages not rounding and therefore displaying a massive number in the lore.
● Fixed an issue with Arena.
● Reduced the price of void chests in points shop to 250.
● Changed the max nickname length to allow for users with long names to use colours.
● Disabled selling TNT on Western.
● Added mob coins to Misc kit on experimental
● Added ability to use island team chat while in dungeons.
● Fixed a few mistakes in the monthly crates plugin config to fix it showing incorrect item amounts.
● Changed trick or treat buckets to hourly drop rather than killing mobs due to autoclicking.
● Fixed an issue where users could have the prestige hopper bonus on their island multiple times.
● Arena will now rollback every 15 minutes, rather than as soon as the user leaves.
● Disabled teleporting anywhere in the Arena using a commnad.
● Fixed an issue where runes would take the incorrect amount of fragments if you had multiple stacks.
● Disabled droppers working in the Mall.
● Fixed The Crypt not working, whoops.
● Fixed players being able to bow other players in The Crypt.
● Disabled use of flight in The Crypt.
● Hopefully fixed an issue where you would sometimes lose your prestige extension off your Island.
● Fixed an issue where the player count for experimental in the server selector would display events player count.
● Fixed an issue where you would be unable to teleport to the Arena.
● Made a change with chestshop so you cannot stack items above their max stack.

Features and Updates
We want YOUR ideas on what you want to see on the server. We have a whole suggestions section on the forums for this but if no one gives us any ideas that the community wants to see, we are forced to use our own ideas which you may not want or like. We can't mind read - you need to let us know what you want if you want us to add it.

That is all for this week. Legendary Key All later today and if you get enough players online we might do a Halloween Crate All next weekend.


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I want to know why I cant transfer my island owners shit to my alt? it says I have too many hoppers still