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Changelog | 10th August


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Hello everyone,

It has been a couple of weeks without a changelog now as I am on holiday and most of the stuff that our development team has been working on cannot be shared with you yet!

Just wanted to write this to give you the changes that we have done in the last couple of weeks and give you a little more information on what is going to be coming up soon.

● Fixed uses not having access to /egg toggle
● Fixed people being able to take damage in end safezone.
● Fixed any lag that was experienced due to a small code error during end event.
● Fixed users being able to fly in the end.
● Disabled the Free role from Prison syncing to Discord.
● Fixed an issue where you would fail the dropper event even if you landed in the water.
● Fixed some issues with luck in the arena.
● Fixed an issue with block stacks being broken.
● Fixed mine crates not spawning on Marvel.
● Fixed mobs that spawn in the Arena dropping custom drops on Marvel.
● Fixed silverfish giving iron golem spawners in the gems shop.
● Fixed island member limit not resetting when plus has expired.
● Items from luck in the Arena will now automatically go in your inventory.
● Implemented /crates transfer <player> all.
● Fixed falling into the void on Marvel not teleporting you to your cell.
● Any user banned from xp shop will now have access again.
● Heavily increased the amount of coins that you will get from mine crates on Marvel.

What is to come and why no big updates?
No, we haven't given up. No, we haven't stopped working. Most of our Skyblock realms are now over 2 months old, which is usually the time we like to start doing our resets again. As these resets are so close, there is absolutely no point pushing any major updates to the game that would change the way the map is played this late into it.

We have been listening to you, and a lot of the ideas that you have given us are in the works or already done and awaiting a reset. But as I said, it is not worth pushing major updates now or would just not be possible to with how the economy currently is on realms.

We have a suggestions post that was made a couple of weeks ago asking for your ideas. If you haven't already, and would like to contribute an idea this is the place to do it: https://www.minesaga.org/threads/your-suggestions.26279/. Please make sure that your idea has not already been said before as it just adds to the time we have to spend going through it rather than working on them.

We will have more information on the upcoming resets soon. We just want you to know that it is going to be big.

Thanks folks
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Can't wait for the next resets on the realms I play :D you're doing a great job! Thank you! :love: :D