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Bye Minesaga


Active member
I would like to say goodbye to everyone as still the No.1 on jur ;) it has been fun compeating for more than 2 years, but everything comes to an end at some point, and today is that day. If u see me online ill most likely be an alt, if u want smth from me hmu on discord!

I would like to thank a lot of ppl, so here is a list of the most important ppl for me in my minesaga history, if i missed someone im terribly sorry:
TheEndless-the first ever player to show me the ropes, and that tought me how to compeat i thank u once again ❤
Zixxter- the founder of Underdogs, the first big (for that time) team, also tought me a lot was very respectfull and fun to play with
The original Underdogs team-it consisted of very nice helpful players such as chuffmaster, pixel, stoplooking, litigant, pfanda, imdoubleuk i had tons of fun with u guys
valhalla-not many ppl from this team play to this day but i would like too thank u all for all the fun comp we had on jurassic, it did involve some toxicisity but what comp dosent
Hattie- i wouldnt be able to write enough about all the fun time we spent on minesaga also the boring parts but u were just an amazing teamm8 and a great leader
Kong-same as with hattie we spent a lot of time together and both of u guys alrd know how i felt about it and i wanted too rly thank u guys for the 2 years we played together for
- we used to be on better terms, but still u were fun and fairly good comp and gl in the future (im not sure if it still exists)
The Minesaga 2.0
Underdogs team- it consisted of also many fun players, and very good grinders and thank u all for playing with me !
Lightfire-i have a ton of great time playing with u on underdogs, its a shame ur own server didnt run longer :(
Minesaga 3.0 Underdogs team-it was a totally different team as the 2.0 one as we had a 1 ssn break but even though it was a totally different team it was amazing, very active and very grindy
Rhs- godly pvpr and very toxic but also a great teamm8 <3
Mo- was rly fun playing with u, ty for showing all the fun things ;)
B2B Underdogs team-i would like to thank all of u guys playing with us, ik we had a few missunderstandings along the way, despite that i hope we all ended our relationship on good terms !!!
Contrive-u guys did great on kingdom a few ssns back u won without any alts no p2w i was rly impressed gj Gqe, goodiest, vfq , u guys were also fun and good comp on jur ty :)

Whitepointstar- thanks for playing the last ssn with me basically in a duo (except the last 2 weeks) it was rly rly fun playing with u <3
Lastly- i would also like to thank all the staff even though my realationship with some of u wasnt the best, ty to all the staff that is actually obeying the rules and not abusing their power.

If i missed anyone im terribly sorry, but over the past 2 years or more i met a ton of ppl and if i were to mention all of them it would take me ages.

Goodbye everyone


Moderation Team
Staff member
Nooooooo Sj941
Another one bites the dust.
Thanks for all the fun mate, Enjoy life!


Moderation Team
Staff member
Senior Mod
Big sad to se you leave