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Bye Everyone...


Well-known member
Well after around 20 months on MineSaga it is time to quit the server. (I will still talk in the Discord).
I have met so many new friends on this server and it is one of the best communties on Minecraft.
The reason i quit is because i have more interests in other games like 'R6S, Ark and csgo' and ofcourse school is a reason.

And a huge thank you to :

IamSlime : I've talked so much with you and you are really one of the best friends ive had in a while. We will for sure remain contact so i can keep carrying you in RL ❤ yus yus.

ruuzZ : the most harmless person on MineSaga .

M4x___ : The great leader of Kebab and a very good friend.

Skrin : Honestly the chillest guy i have met on MineSaga.

Corning : it was always a pleasure talking to you and playing agains you.

NoobyChris : idk why he is called 'Nooby' but he is very pro! We ofcourse remain contact so i can keep on carrying you in csgo :p

MatNax : We dont really know eachother for long but for the time being you are really nice and a very good friend.

Navires : For sure the best staff on the server, i knew when you needed to mute me and you said 'Sorry Ozaqu' 😂

AutoBans : The guy that gave me Specialist and Commander .... a true Legend.

Waleed : We got friends really fast and one of the coolest person in MineSaga!

Grenade : Even though many people 'hate' him i really didnt and it was always fun to talk to him.

YeetYee : I really enjoyed talking and playing with you

Quig : big noob

WolfTheGirl : It was a pleasure talking to you ..... but what is sleep ? :p

5i5 : aka good boy the guy that trolled me ..... :(

Scir : the coolest Chinese person.

PiggyBack : Even tho we didnt really talked much you really wasa good friend.

FateGasps : Goodluck with Asuna :)

(If i missed you iam really sorry) and if you want to say anything my discord is Ozaqu#0384
Iam gonna miss you all ........ cya :( ❤


Moderation Team
Staff member
Goodbye Ozaqu! It was great knowing you, stay in touch.


Well-known member
i willl quit soon too