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Bug on dungeons

Wqles :/

Active member
So in the dungeons, sometimes if you try and eat a gap when your cooldowns over, it stops for a second with no effects. When you try and eat it again, the cooldown happens and I get no effects. This is very frustrating, as it has lead to:

3 hard dungeon deaths: 60m lost
2 medium dungeon deaths: 24m lost
3 easy dungeon deaths. 24m lost.
A total of 400+ points lost and 30 crate keys as well as 46k island level.

Please find a way to patch this, these rewards are important to me. I know this happens in pvp but it’s much more common in dungeons since you can get glitched, frozen, and launched across the map.

Thanks for listening!


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
I need a video of it happening still