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Owner Review Ban apeal

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● Minecraft Username:TheGrass
● Which member of staff banned you from the network?:Gullible
● Why exactly were you banned from the network?:Cheating
● Why do you believe you should be unbanned? :I was testing how good your anticheat system and I already lost all my stuff and I learned there is no way to cheat so there is no chance to do it again.I mean I know I can't cheat again,I can't get an unfair advantage again.I mean I am harmless now,there is no reason to being banned for me.Let me play :D


Moderation Team
Staff member
Senior Mod

One of the owners will get to you as soon as possible.
Please be patient, messaging staff to check it out will not help.



Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
Denied, you're unbanned in less than 12 hours.
Not open for further replies.