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Hello everyone,

Every day we get asked tons of questions about the features we have on MineSaga and how to use them. This thread will outline almost all the custom features we have on the server and how to use them. If you think anything else should be added to this thread to help our new users out, feel free to leave a reply below!

How to start on MineSaga
To create an island, execute the command /is. This will bring you up a menu that allows you to select an island. Feel free to select any island you want to by clicking on any icon you wish. Once done, you have made yourself an island. You can teleport to it by doing /is then clicking the bed or using the command /is go. Once you have yourself an island, you will want to start making some money. To do this, players usually start with farms such as cactus or sugar cane. Once you have got yourself some money, depending on the economy of the realm you are playing, you will want to purchase spawners. All items you will need to play MineSaga can be located in /shop. This is clearly labeled and teaches you how to buy and sell items.

Once you have purchased spawners, create your grinder and start farming them! You can sell inventories of items using the command /sell all. The main aim is to build up enough money to increase your island value. You can view your island value by doing /is worth. To increase your value, you will want to buy blocks that are worth island value. These blocks are mineral blocks such as diamond and emerald but also blocks like sponge, hay and end frames. You can see how much a block is worth by typing /is value while holding the block. You can purchase these blocks from /shop in the category "Level shop". Keep placing these blocks to increase your island position to keep working your way onto /is top (the top value islands on the server). The more spawners, the more farms, the more money you make!

Now the basics have been said, I will run through all the different features and plugins we have that will make your life easier and give you things to do in between increasing your island values.

End Game
The End Game takes place every Sunday unless you are told otherwise. The aim of the event is to capture all of the eggs by standing in the circle and capturing it for your island. Other teams can uncapture your egg by standing in the circle until the timer is up. Once you have all the eggs captured, you will win.

We also have a conquest event that takes place on Saturday. This is also in the end. Stand on a capture point for 30 seconds and you will gain a point. The first team to 50 points will win the event.

Community Chest
The community chest is a place which allows users to place all their unwanted items which other users may need. You can access this by doing /chest.

Cobble Generator
There are many different ways to create a cobblestone generator. Click here to take you to a video on how to create one. To cut a long story short, essentially once made, they will generate you all sorts of ores such as diamond and emerald ore. Depending on your island level will depend on the frequency of the ores you get. It will also depend what ore blocks you get. These ores can either be saved and turned into island value by placing them on your island or can be sold in the shop to get money to buy your spawners.

To vote for our network, issue the command /vote. Voting helps us a great deal so we have to offer you a good incentive to do so. Voting will get you things like free fly for 10 minutes per link, a vote key and much more. You can vote on all 3 links every day. Some months we offer rewards to the top voters every month.

As MineSaga has such a big player base, we have a queue in place so for instances when the servers are full, players can queue up to join the server. Simply either click on one of the NPC's in the hub to join the queue, or use the server selector. If there are slots, you will be sent instantly. However, if servers are full you will be put in a queue. Donators have queue priority over default users.

We have various gamemodes you can play to gamble away all your hard earned money. The first gamemode is Jackpots. You can use the command /jackpot to open a menu which will show you lots of information on the jackpot. The command /jackpot bet <amount> can be used to bet money. The more money you put in, the higher percent chance you have to win.

The next gamemode is coinflips. Executing the command /cf will bring up the coinflip menu. Hover over the book in that menu and it explains how to create a coinflip. If you wish to join a coinflip and you see one for the value you want, simply click the players head and you will join it.

Higher or lower is a new game we recently introduced. To do this, you have to request a game with something. The command to do this is /hilo invite <name> <amount> . You will then get shown a GUI with the gamemode in if the other player accepts. It is quite straight forward. Basically you have to guess whether the card is higher or lower than the card before it. Whoever gets the most cards right wins the money.

Chest Shop
Chest Shops can be a great way to boost your income by setting up shops on your island to allow people to come and by your unwanted items. You can also request to buy stuff too such as peoples island value blocks for cheaper than you can buy it for in /shop. Click here to see a video on how to make these.

Discord Link
Discord link was a fairly new feature we added to the network. To use this, simply execute the command /discord. If you do not have an account linked, it will show you exactly what to do to sync your Discord account to your Minecraft account. Follow the instructions carefully. Doing this will allow any donator ranks you have to transfer into our Discord and give you a cool, coloured name. You can unsync your account by doing either !unsync in Discord or /unsync in game. Note that you will not get a key once you sync again.

Island Activity
The command /is activity will bring up a log of all the actions that have happened on your island such as promotions, bans, island bank deposits etc. This is useful to find out who did what on your island.

Fishing Event
The fishing event will run every now and then and can be access at /warp fishing. The user who catches the most fish during the event will be crowned the winner and will get the rewards.

Custom Tab
We have implemented a custom tab on the server to show you information such as your island members online, Saga's online, your coordinates etc. You can toggle this on and off in the /options menu.

Boosters can be purchased in our store or redeemed in game with coupons. You can access these by doing /boosters. In this menu, you can see what boosters you currently have active and how many boosters you have. There are 2 different types of boosters, Experience and Economy. Simply click on the booster you want to active. Keep in mind that there are 3 different boosters for each category, personal, island or global.

Tags are a cool concept that allow users to stand out from each other. You can view all the tags we offer by using the command /tags. If you have a tag unlocked, you can click it to equip it. A menu will show up asking you to pick the colour. Once done you will have the tag in chat. A new feature we added was something called custom tags. These tokens can be purchased on our webstore. You can then execute /tags, and click on the anvil and type your own custom tag into chat. You can then scroll through the menu in /tags and find your own tag on there that only you can use.

Player Vaults
Player vaults are extremely handy for our players. If you are a donator of the server, depending on your rank, you will have player vaults. The higher your rank, the more player vaults you get. You can execute /pv <number> to get to the player vault you want to. It is essentially a private vault, or chest, that you can access anywhere on the server. This is great if you need to take more than an inventory of things around with you, or if your inventory gets full and you need somewhere to dump it.

Delivery man
Delivery man can be found at spawn or used with the command /delivery. You will need to have your Minecraft account linked with a Discord account if you want to use this. Please scroll up and find the paragraph where I explained Discord sync. Once done, you will be able to access a menu that lets you claim different rewards. Users will have a daily, weekly and monthly reward. Simply click on the dye to claim the reward. It will then show you a cooldown until you can access it again. Donators have other rewards too, they are listed under the default rewards.

Bank Notes
Bank notes are gained from crates and various different places. To redeem a bank note, simply right click it and the amount it says on it will be added to your balance. If you want to withdraw a banknote to say drop at spawn, you can type /withdraw <amount> and it will give you a banknote for the amount you have given.

As expected, we have a lot of kits on our server. You can bring up the kit menu by doing /kits. There are 3 different sections of kits, default, donator and legendary. Default kits are the kits that all players can redeem. Simply click on the item to redeem the kit. It will then give you a countdown until you can claim it again. Donator kits are the kits that donators get with their ranks. Legendary kits are a bit different. These can either be purchased on our webstore, or won from crates. These are all themed kits. For instance the Locksmith kit gives you a bunch of crates you can open.

Private Chests
Not many people are aware about private chests, but they are a great way to keep your items safe from your island members if you do not have any private vaults. To do this, simply place a sign on the front of a chest, single or double, and put on the top line [Private]. That is all you will need to do. Please note that you can only make private chests on your own island.

Walmart is our take on the usual auction house plugin you see on every other server. To use this, type the command /ah. Once you have purchased something, you will need to go to /ah --> Auction Profile --> Won Auctions to get your purchase. Simply click the item you purchased and it will be given to you in your inventory.

To sell something in the auction house, hold the item in your hand that you want to sell. To quickly sell something, you can do /ah sell <amount> <value>. This will list it straight onto the auction house. If you want to set it up as a BID auction, you can do /ah sell. You can then follow the instructions on your screen to setup the auction how you like it.

If you ever get bored of the grind and just want to do something fun, don't worry, we have you covered. Executing /events will bring you up a menu which will allow you to host many events such as duels, droppers, parkours and spleefs.

In duels, you will be able to select a kit and whether you want to place a bet or not.

We have some very cool cosmetics on MineSaga, allowing you to look better than other players. Issuing the command /cosmetics will bring up a very self explanatory menu which will allow you to select different cosmetics such as trails and death emotes.

You can purchase these on the store or they can be unlocked in game completing things like quests.

Outpost is a new feature we have added to keep players on their toes. Outpost can be found in /warp pvp. To capture the outpost, you need to stand on it and keep any other islands off the capture point for 30 seconds. You have then captured the outpost and will receive a 1.2x sell multiplier while you are standing in the capture zone. If any other player who is not on your island enters the capture zone, you will lose your multiplier and will have to capture it again to get the multiplier back.

Island Ranks
Island ranks is a great ranking system that allows you to give people on your island different permissions. For instance, if you had an island with a few close friends, you could give them different permissions to people you have just invited to your island. To use the whole permissions system, execute the command /is. Here you will have a members list. This will list all your island members. You can click on their skulls and then use the dyes to give them different ranks. To define what ranks have what permissions, click on settings, then go to rank permissions. Here you can see all the permissions we offer. Left click to decrease the rank that has the permission and right click to increase.

Generators are a great way to gain island value closer to the beginning of maps. There are lots of different types of generators such as diamond and emerald. All you do is place the generator down, it will start constructing and once it is finished it will start generating ores. Right click the generator and a menu will open. This menu tells you everything you need to know about the menu. The main thing you need is the internal GUI it has. Click the chest and you will be able to see, and take, all the ores the generator has generated. You can also level up your generator with generator charms that you can get from crates or the store. The higher the level, the faster it will generate. You can also add pages to your generators internal GUI to allow you to store more ores before you collect it.

Generator grades are a new thing that we introduced. Once your generator has max pages and max levels, you can upgrade the grade of your generator. This will give it a bigger internal GUI and at grade 3, it will have the ability to auto sell.

Spawner Upgrades
Spawner upgrades allow you to upgrade your spawners to not only increase the speeds that the spawners spawn, but also to change the drops that they spawn. There are 3 levels of upgrades you can do. To access it, simply left click on the spawner with an empty hand. This requires experience to level up. If you decide to mine the spawner, you will be given half the experience back.

There is also a spawner upgrade wand which will allow you to automatically upgrade your spawners to level 3, however, it will need to be charged. Fuel from this can be purchased from the shop.

Machines can be purchased on the store and can be placed on your island to do various tasks such as booster spawners on your island and automatically killing every mob on your island.

They can only be used for a certain amount of time a day so be tactical about when you use them and how you use them!

Skills is basically our version of MCMMO. There are different skills such as Mining, Fighting and fishing. When you do these tasks, your level for each of those skills will level up which will give you a more perks such as finding items while doing the skill or dealing more damage to the player.

Crates and Shards
Crates can be opened using the command /crates or using the enderchest at spawn. There are many different styles of crate which will give you different rewards. All the normal crates such as Advanced crates will give you the option to reroll (if you have a reroll token) if you do not like the reward. Reroll tokens are given to a certain percentage of online users every now and then.

Crate key shards are a new thing we introduced. You get shards from things like crates, voting and completing requests. If you hover over a shard, it will tell you how many of that shard you need to make a crate key. If you execute /shards, put your shards in and then close the GUI, it will craft you as many keys as it can and then refund you the left over shards.

Mining World
The Mining World is a great concept and allows you to make some quick and easy money. Executing the command /miningworld will bring up a GUI. This will allow you to view stats of how many ores you have broken, select enhancements and enter the mining world. Clicking on the firework will allow you to select enhancements. All these cost money and can be purchased by clicking on it. Once unlocked, you can select it and go into the mining world with it. You can select 2 enhancements per trip to use. To enter the world, simply click on the boat. Your aim is to mine as many ores as you can but be careful, pvp is enabled.

Each ore has a monetary value and when you break it you will be given the money for the ore. Each ore also has an XP amount. You need a certain amount of XP to level up to the next level. Every time you level up, the sell prices of the ores will increase. When you leave the mining world you will be paid the money you made from mining.

Minions are probably our biggest feature, but also one of our most complicated. Minions can be placed on your island, or your friends island. Once it is placed, you will have many options if you right click it. You will be able to change the name of it, change the colour of the armor it is wearing and give friends access to the minion. You will also be able to link a chest to it, for modes such as mine mode, where items will go that it mines. You will also be able to claim the XP from the minion that it gets from doing it's tasks like killing mobs. You will also be able to give it an item to use on its day to day tasks such as a sword or a diamond pickaxe.

You will also be able to select the mode the minion is on. Minions can be upgraded by clicking it with a minion upgrade. Minion upgrades can be found in crates or purchased on our webstore. The maximum amount of upgrades you can give each minion is 2. At each level, the minion will unlock you some more modules.

With most modules, you will be able to upgrade them with money you make in game. This will do things like increase the speed it mines, increase the damage it does on attack and things like that. The higher the level, the better the minion will do. You will be refunded your money and the modules if you pick up the minion.

Vaults are a new style of crate key which will show a cool animation when opening. You can find this in the spawn of every realm.

We wanted to add some sort of PvE challenge that users can do if they have a pass. There are different levels of dungeons. Passes can be purchased, found in crates or given out to you while online the server after a period of time. You can right click on a dungeon pass and use it in the /dungeons menu. You will be teleported to a dungeon where you will have to last as long as you can without dying.

Island Prestiges
You can now prestige your island to increase your hopper limit, island range and the chance of getting good blocks out of cobble generators. This can be accessed at /is prestige.

Island inspect
If you seem to be missing something on your island, or someone has broken your island and you want to see who, this is the command for you. Executing /is inspect will allow you to right/left click broken blocks or containers with missing items in it and list out in chat the people that have modified these. This will allow you to find people that are taking things from your island so you can remove them from your team.

Mystery Crates
They are back. We are bringing back our Mega charges, dragon egg crates etc as you guys seem to love them. Simply right click on them and a menu will open allowing you to choose all your rewards.

Bosses are pretty awesome and can contain great rewards. Bosses are obtained through the store or via crates. You can spawn these on your island. Bosses will do damage to you so be careful otherwise you will be killed over and over again by them! Watch out for their special abilities they have too. Defeat the boss and the reward will be yours.

There are a multitude of different pets that all do different things. When executing the command /pets, you can see all the different pets and if you hover over them (once unlocked) it will tell you what they do. If they are not unlocked, they will just be gun powder. You can get pets from the store, or in crates. To select the pet (if you have it unlocked) simply click on the egg in the GUI. The higher the pets level, the bigger the multiplier or the bigger the effect the pet has. It will gain EXP towards it leveling up the longer you have it out.

Once the pet is out of energy, you will be unable to use it and you will have to wait for the pet to generate energy before you can spawn it again.

Achievements and Missions
There are almost 100 achievements to complete and will have great benefit to you. Executing the command /achievements will bring up the menu which tells you the current challenge you have unlocked and what you have to do.

After you complete that, the next achievement will be unlocked. You will receive a random reward.

Missions are similar to this. If you type /missions, the 3 daily missions will come up. Complete each task under each mission and it will be completed. Once you complete the missions you will be given rewards.

Island bank and vault
These are two new things we have recently added to the network. We introduced an Island vault which will allow you and your island members to share a 3 row vault to put all your valuables. You can use the command /is vault to access this.

Island bank is the other thing we added. Doing /is bank will show you your island bank balance. You can do /is deposit <amount> to deposit into it and /is withdraw <amount> to withdraw out of it. It is pretty straight forward.

Don't worry, there is an island permission for both of these things so if you do not want certain members opening it then you can do that.

Executing the command /perks will show you all the different permissions you have such as hopper extensions, creatures etc. This is useful for those that play competitively and forget which accounts have what.

The tutorial can be accessed by doing /tutorial. You will be teleported to various points which will give you some information about the server. You can right click to go forward or left click to go back.

We have always had an options menu but it has never been very good. We now have 17 different options for you (/options) that you can toggle on and off including changing your MS+ prefixes.

Bloodshed was an update we did a while back that contains items such as switcher snow balls and invincibility orbs. All of these items can be found in /crates. It is very self explanatory what they do. Hover over the item and it will give you a description.

This update also has classes such as archer class and wizard class. Wear leather or gold armour and you will be given a bunch of effects.

Farming Event
The Farming event takes place every 6 hours. This can be found at /warp farm. Simply run around farming as many crops as possible and sell them to the farmer. You will see your money going up on your scoreboard. Once the event is over, you will be paid out that money. The more you farm, the higher your level gets which means the higher your sell price of crops.

Blackmagic is the name of our core plugin we use on the server. This contains a variety of different things so I will explain them all here. Most of them are smaller "misc" things that didn't need their own section.

Envoys and supply drops can be found in the pvp arena. You can view the status of these by doing /envoys status.

KOTH's are started every now and then on the realms in order to keep people PvPing. To capture the KOTH, run into the End and stand on the capture point. Hold this for 5 minutes without getting knocked off it and you will get the rewards.

Fast place is great for those that have a lot of blocks they need to place. Fast place can be purchased from the points shop, won in crates or simply purchased off the store. There are 5 different levels. To activate this, do /fp <level> for instance /fp 1. You can also switch between horizontal and vertical by doing /fp 1 h/v.

Sell wands are great for selling chests quickly. Sell wands are either unlimited or have a set amount they can be used. Right clicking on a chest with a sell wand will sell all it's sellable contents back to the shop.

Void Chests are another way you can sell items. Anything entered into the void chest will be sold straight away to the shop.

Similar to void chests, hopper charms will sell anything that enter them to the shop. They also can transfer items at an increased rate..

Void Chests and hopper charms sell items to the shop. Rather than paying you out instantly, these "void containers" will store the money and pay you out at regular intervals. Every 2 minutes, the plugin will check if your void containers are selling something. If, during the second the plugin checks that, your void containers are selling something, you will be paid out everything that it owes you. If you are not, it will save it up and pay it out to you next time.

Coupons are awesome and there are pretty much coupons for everything now. Basically everything that is permission based that you get out of crates such as tags, ranks, fast place, etc are coupon based. This allows you to trade them with the community, give them to friends and sell them to other people.

Bottle XP allows you to give your XP to friends etc. To do this, issue the command /bottlexp <amount> and it will give you a bottle filled with the amount of XP you withdrew.

Similar to sell wands, we also have condense wands. Condense wands will condense anything in a chest into its block form. For instance, if you have a chest full of diamonds from your minions, you can use a condense wand to turn it into diamond blocks.

The item filter can be accessed using /filter. You can filter in items by clicking on it and then typing the name of the item in the chat that you do not want to pick up. You can remove items from the filter by simply clicking on the item again in the menu once it is added to the filter.

Trading is very cool and allows you to trade without getting scammed. Simply type /trade request <name> and it will send a friend request. Add your keys, or and items you want, wait for your partner to add in their side of the deal and click ready. It will then count down and the trade will be completed. Don't worry, if either side modify the trade then the countdown will stop.

Private Mines
Private mines can be purchased at our store and will automatically be setup. You can mine in these mines and it will automatically sell to an in game shop to make money. You can also open up your mine to members of the server to warp to and mine at. You as the mine owner will take a tax from the amount of money that they earn. You can upgrade things like that blocks in the mine, tax rates etc.

Purgatory Event
The purgatory event will start when there are enough souls in the pit of darkness at spawn. You can buy souls in the experience shop. During this event, undead mobs (Skeletons, Zombies and Zombie pigmen) will drop loot that sells for more money in /shop.

Masks can be purchased in the experience shop that is accessed at /shop. This is only limited time though so read the section below this too. When wearing a mask in your helmet slot, you will be given special effects such as permanent speed or a slight sell booster.

Limited Time Shop
The limited time shop will appear in /shop and will broadcast when it is active. It will only last for a few hours at a time so be quick. In this shop you can buy items for cheaper or sell things for more expensive prices.

You will also find our experience shop in here. Be quick though because there is a limit on every item that can be purchased.

I hope this gives you a better understanding into all the features we have on the network and we hope you can have a lot more fun now that you know about all of them!

Thanks guys,
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