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Back to Basics (Global Reset/Huge Update!)


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Hey everyone! 👋

It's finally time for us to announce what we've been working on for the last few months, The Back to Basics Update!

We've been listening to your feedback, and one consistent note from a large part of our player base is to make the server more like it was when we first released, and to implement various features to replicate that experience. Whilst we can't simply bring back that gameplay entirely, we've decided to make the perfect combination of old and new, resulting in the Back to Basics update!

Back to Basics will launch on...

Saturday, 11th of April at 2:00 PM ET
(You can search 2 PM ET in Google to see when in your timezone -- this is for all realms excluding Prison)

Skyblock 🏝
We've decided to add, remove and change a variety of content in the Back to Basics Update. These are primarily things that we think are unused, too complicated or things that we generally believe are making the server worse.

We've decided to try and make the economy as close to the original resets as possible. This ties into various other changes we've made such as mob stack limit lowered, spawner stacking removed, crop growth rates increased and more. (that can all be found below)

Experience is now our second currency and has essentially fully replaced both points and mob coins. I'll make a quick list of bullets with the specific changes we've made to XP.
  • Limited time shop will now have items you can buy w/ experience
  • Mobs will no longer drop experience
  • Blocks/ores have a low chance to drop experience
  • Endermite Spawners have been introduced, and they'll drop experience when they die -- the higher the level, the more they drop
  • Masks and Souls can now only be unlocked via the Experience Shop
  • Spawners can now be upgraded with experience instead of mob coins
  • Generator construction is now sped up with experience
  • XP crates have been removed

We'll be promoting the server in a number of different ways, including YouTubers! Who do you want to see record on MineSaga? (can be an old face or a new one!)

Mines now allows you to have your own private/personal mine, and earn cash and experience by mining. You can let other people use your mine and tax them a certain amount of money and experience from what they gain, allowing for passive income! You can view all available mines with /mines.

Removal of Content
We've decided to remove a lot of content that we felt was unused or complex.
  • Mob Coins
  • Points
  • Splash Boosters
  • Mob Arena
  • Spawner Stacking
  • Hall of Heroes
  • Gangs
  • Runes
  • Ore Mine
  • Mall
  • Nether
  • T4 Hoppers
  • T4 Spawners
  • Valuable Farming
  • /showcase
  • /blocktop
  • End Supply Drops
  • Condense Time Wand
  • Minion Loot Booster

Creatures has been renamed to Pets, and there have been various changes to the way they work.
  • Cat creature has been removed
  • Pug creature has been removed
  • Rooster creature has been removed
  • Turtle creature has been increased/buffed
  • If you had one of the removed pets/creatures, you will receive credits that you can use to unlock other pets
  • Penguin can no longer be used 24/7 and will have island energy to prevent abuse

Other Changes
We've made a bunch of minor changes or things that don't necessarily deserve their own paragraph/section to explain them, so here are some bullets with more of the changes.
  • Boosters now have a new menu and the information item displays active boosters
  • You can now view the number of boosters stored in the /boosters menu
  • We've refreshed the aesthetic of the server and changed message format to make it similar to 1.0
  • Auction House is no longer listed in categories by default and will just show all listings
  • Drop Party/Vote Crate have been merged into one crate
  • Bosses have been simplified and we now only have the Brutal Blaze, Ender Mage, Paladin, and Leviathan Boss
  • Mob Stack limit has been set to 100
  • Arena is now called the Mining World and no longer spawns mobs
  • Souls no longer drop from mobs
  • Minions now have one unified item upgrade (as they used to)
  • Envoys will now drop new loot and will work like Supply Crates did w/ a 30s claim cooldown
  • Delivery Rewards for all ranks and Plus have been improved
  • Generators will now have an island permission to add users instead of /generators add
  • Achievements and Global Quests now give users a random reward instead of credits
  • Random and Normal Generators have been significantly nerfed
  • NPCs have been added to /warp pvp to show death/kill statistics
  • Dungeon perk prices have been lowered
  • Island prestige price has been lowered and the hopper boost has been slightly increased
  • Crop growth speed has been increased
  • Dungeon rewards are only given to those who attack the boss
  • Dungeon rewards have been nerfed
  • We've removed all achievements that weren't/are no longer are possible
  • You can now see your mission progress in the lore
  • Outpost booster is now 1.2x
  • PVP arena is now the original 2.0 PVP arena
  • Item merge is now 5 blocks instead of 9 blocks -- this will help farms!
  • Conquest is now in the end
  • End Event egg amount has been reduced to 8
  • KOTH is now in the End
  • New Parkour/Dropper maps have been added
  • Island Top prizes will all remain the same as they currently are
  • New event maps have been implemented🕹
  • All events (farming, end event, conquest, KOTH) will all give Event keys
  • There are loads more changes too that aren't included here, so make sure you play to find out!

Builds 🏗
We've decided to revert to our old builds to give that nostalgic feel! Here are a few pictures of some old spawns that you may be seeing on the Back to Basics update!

Network Changes 🖥
There's been a number of changes that we've made to the general network, all of which are listed below.
  • Removal of the Classical and Experimental games
  • Bans have all been reset on the server and Discord (excl. chargeback and blacklist bans)
  • Prison will receive a big overhaul in the next few weeks

Arcade 🕹
We've decided to expand on our events server and make it permanently open. This is now called the Arcade!

You can now play Bingo, Spleef, TNT Run and other games when you please, and Saga/Plus users can broadcast these games to the entire network to make other players aware. Only Legend/Saga/Plus can start games, but anyone can play them!

New Donator System 🛒
We'll now be giving users a donator rank based on their total amount spent on a realm from this update onwards. If you have a rank, you'll keep the rank and your amount spent will be set as the minimum threshold for that rank. This essentially means that you can receive a rank upgrade simply by purchasing consumables, and you can no longer buy ranks separately. (excluding Plus/Saga/Legend)

/ranks, /donation and /donate will display statistics about your rank, including the amount spent, amount to spend til next rank, current rank and more.

We'll have more details on this in Discord in the coming days.

Closing Remarks 😎
We will be closing on late Tuesday (around 7:00 PM ET) to allow for us to prepare for the update and will host a beta for Legend/Saga users from Wednesday onwards.

Hope to see you there!
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goodjob, idk how the no spawner stack will do but nice update


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Are Sellportals still exists? Are they still limited? And why you removed Spawner Stacking


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Best update I think i've seen yet! Looking forward to it! Good job!


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I think you spent/put alot of effort into this application and i hope you get it.

Very nice guy experienced +1


Active member
not terribly excited. will see what beta does later this week i guess. also reading through these changes and wonder why there is no mention of how these credits for removed creatures will be handled for people. not very optimistic to be honest. we will see though.


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not terribly excited. will see what beta does later this week i guess. also reading through these changes and wonder why there is no mention of how these credits for removed creatures will be handled for people. not very optimistic to be honest. we will see though.
It's very simple hence why its not mentioned. When you login just do /pets and its all there.