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Antr0p0s's Player Report

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New member
Realm Mystic

Username lolixlolix / lol1xlol1x

Their Username Antr0p0s

Punishment I dont think Antr0p0s should be punished in any way.

Proof I got banned, without doing anything against the rules. At this time i wanna take my time and explain how the whole thing happened. I was in the cave with one account and the other was afk on my is. I found a nice spot in /warp cave where you cant get hit by zombies but you can hit them and i was using that place alot lately. To save myself some time, i connect my bluetooth mouse to the PC and click the whole time, while i am doing other stuff, it just became a normal thing i do. to lock myself in the position i am, i put tape over my sensor. Today i was cleaning my room while doing this, and then i came back to the server i was banned. my second account got banned for ban evading, which i did not even intend to do. My ban appeal was incomplete and therefore denied.

I am getting a bit frustrated because i dont know how i can prove to you i did not hack. but i say i firmly, I did not and will not use Hacks and always try to obey the rules. That why i am filling this report. But with all regards i dont want anyone to be punished, its just a misunderstanding, and mistakes happen. If i can do anything for you to prove it, i will, but i dont have any hacked clients, hacks or any other modification. Heck, i dont even use printers or simmilar tools.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.
With best regards and hopes
Jan (lolixlolix / lol1xlol1x)



Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
The proof that you were autoclicking is good enough for your punishment to stay.

feel free to appeal in 2 weeks.
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