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Denied _2X3P's Staff App


New member
Minecraft Username _2X3P

Age 16

Timezone EST

Country I'm Come from the USA

Realm Activity I spend majority of my time on the Game Realm.

Activity Because i use Lots my time into Minesaga
so dedicating more hours in Minesaga is not a issue and my life is playing Minesaga im little new in this server
there lots server i can play but the Minesaga is good for me it better then all server 2 weeks ago i saw Minesaga this server then i love it i spend 4-5 of my weeks on playing Minesaga pvp it make my pvp good then before!!!
I can spend per day is around 12-14 hours. because I’d like to take some breaks in that 10 hour.

Experience I have 1 previous experience!
HydraPvP Helper: Jun of 2018. My job as a Hydra Helper was recruit staff members,
help some new people of the server teach them how to play.

Explain I know that I am responsible for the server,I am applying for MineSaga is that i want more previous experience,Minecraft is a game that have Lots of server so we must make a good server
that make player happy ,I can Respect, Respect, I Respect the owners and the administration team,
I can see the amount of effort that you guys have put into the server and it shows how much you are dedicated to constantly making the server better. I’m also very efficient, professional, and very mature.


Head of Support
Staff member
Senior Administrator

Unfortunately, we haven’t decided to move forward due to the lack of detail in your application. Your application plays an important part in our decision, so it’s worth putting the effort in. You are welcome to re-apply in two weeks with this in mind.