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Denied 1sam_the_champ1's Staff App


New member
Minecraft Username 1svexzy1

Age 15

Timezone Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Country United States

Realm Activity I mostly play kingdom, but i started playing a little bit of space before the reset.

Activity Sunday- 2+ hours
Monday- 3+ hours
Tuesday- 3-4 hours
Wednesday- 2-3 hours
Thursday- 3+ hours
Friday- 4 hours
Saturday- 1-2 hours

Experience I don't have a great deal of experience holding a staff position. I spend a great deal of time playing on various servers. I have played a ton of Skywars and Bedwars on a great deal of servers. One thing I gained from playing on various servers is that: If you help individuals out it will make their experience on the server progressively charming. During the 4 years, I have played Minecraft I have taken in a great deal and I have experienced everything and experienced everything. I have met individuals holding staff positions and I took in a great deal from them. They have helped me understand and helped me to know how to utilize the staff position.

Explain There are various reasons: why I should turn into a staff part (in my opinion).

Since I am/have:


I am a patient player. I am mindful that helping players with their issues will require significant investment and in some cases it isn't generally rainbow and daylight, however I am up for the undertaking. It is to the greatest advantage of the server to enable its locale to out in the same class as conceivable and that requires significant investment and exertion. You must show restraint all together not to lose your head and become amateurish. That is a quality I gained from long stretches of involvement in other staff individuals. I have the persistence to get players out with their issues. Indeed, even as a typical player I am getting players out with their issues and circumstances, and from that experience of helping players I likewise increased more tolerance.

Quick student:

Indeed, even I don't have a ton of experience holding a staff position. I couldn't want anything more than to have the option to develop myself and become a superior player or potential staff part. I am an individual who gets new material and data rather rapidly. That implies I am an entirely teachable player. This attribute makes staff part with a great deal of potential to develop and possibly become an administrator later on. To catch on quickly helped me throughout the years to improve as a player and individual.

Personal growth:

This goes with the quick student quality I referenced previously. I love to have the option to improve as a player. With me as a staff part, I could possibly commit a couple of errors, however I would gain from it quick. To improve as a player you need missteps to gain from them. This keeps you from committing a similar error later on and with that thought in my mind, I attempt to develop myself however much as could be expected. This characteristic applies to regular assignments, from helping players with essential issues to fixing a significant issue on the server and it assists with forestalling future issues


I am a thoughtful individual. I will consistently be benevolent to different players since I don't perceive any motivation behind why you shouldn't be pleasant to each other. To be pleasant to different players is significant in light of the fact that these players will return and that props the server up. It likewise assists with making a greater network where different players are additionally ready to help each other with their issues and circumstance. To be benevolent is an incredible characteristic since it helps the server, yet I likewise help the players, by giving them a sheltered and charming environment.

Cooperative person:

I am a cooperative person. I figure each serious issue can be fixed on the off chance that you cooperate. That is the reason I would have the option to hold a staff position. I am accustomed to working in a group and I know the significance of helping my group. I think this is probably the greatest attribute I have. Working in a group keeps the worker rolling and I realize I would have the option to fit right in the group and help where it is essential. I generally state winning as a group is undeniably progressively pleasant at that point to win solo.

For what reason would I like to turn into a staff part?

There is one straightforward motivation behind why I need to turn into a staff part. I love the server and its locale. This is my preferred server and I need to assist as much as Possible. I need to have the option to help with improving the server and I need to make the experience of the tantamount to it tends to be, particularly for the new players who don't have the foggiest idea about a thing, on the grounds that the initial introduction is significant. That is the explanation I remained on the server since I had an extraordinary initial introduction. A decent early introduction has the effect on weather new players remain or go.

I additionally need to assist the community with its issues and I need to have the option to make the community far better. I need to tune in to their thoughts and with their proposals, I need to make the worker a superior spot. I need to share my affection for the worker by making an extraordinary encounter for all.


In spite of the fact that don't have a great deal of understanding. I realize I would be an incredible fit for the staff group and I trust I find the opportunity to show it. I trusted I educated you enough regarding my similarity. In the event that there are any inquiries or you have input. If you don't mind let me know!

Thank for taking your time to read my application.
I don't know about this one. It's a great application, but your playtime is very low.
But for the rest it's a good application!


Head of Support
Staff member
Senior Administrator

Unfortunately, we haven’t decided to move forward due to your limited playtime on the server since resets. We want applicants to be dedicated to staffing on MineSaga, and you need to have good knowledge of the server to become a staff member.