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  1. Land

    Closed False banned for "Advertising"

    ● Minecraft Username Landfall ● Which member of staff banned you from the network? LeCanadienMoose ● Why exactly were you banned from the network? "Advertising" ● Why do you believe you should be unbanned? A user and I were arguing over a pvp fight in the pvp arena over who is better etc, I...
  2. Land

    Closed [ADVERTISING] Landfall advertising other server

    he told me he would 1v1, i told him lets do it on another server without hit delay, and then sent him the ip to the practice server, he knew i would send the ip and basically TRIED to get me to send an ip, he then says im just gonna report you for advertising now, and then later on uses racial...
  3. Land

    Closed zzzbart using racial slurs towards me

    Please include your username Landfall Please include the realm this occured on Jurassic Please include as much detail as you can regarding the situation me and zzzbart are arguing because he wouldnt 1v1 me, and going back and fourth, pretty heated, when he then calls me a monkey (a racial slur...
  4. Land

    new ore generators

    does it need to be afk'd?
  5. Land

    Closed You said im unbanned but im not..

    dont get banned in the first place
  6. Land

    new ore generators

    ^ answer
  7. Land

    new ore generators

    so me and my island members recently purchased a $15 gold generator, we placed it down, sped it up with some points, and once it was done we realized there was a sort of GUI based storage, inside of the generator. And then we realized only I could access it.... i have a few questions now. is...
  8. Land

    75$ copoun code trade

    have discord?
  9. Land

    How rare is this

    not that rare
  10. Land

    Recruiting People on Blizzard on/is warp TBNRfragsII

    i'll join lemme apply i don't play blizzard but why not
  11. Land

    hopper rate

  12. Land

    hopper rate

    i'm sure i'm not the first to bring this to attention but i'm sure tons of people are noticing this. Hoppers are too slow and it's something we'd like to see fixed, they should be sped up a little if possible because hoppers get backed up so easily and items despawn because they can't fit into...
  13. Land

    Spawn Rates from Drop Party & Vote Crates

    lemme get some keys bb
  14. Land

    qres's weird forums posts

  15. Land


  16. Land

    Issues with minion chunkloading

    try downloading a chunk border mod, i use one and it's really helpful. make sure the cactus farm is completely in one chunk and make sure the minion is in the same chunk as well
  17. Land

    Accepted eeq's Staff Application

    damn good application! hope you get accepted, love what you're already doing
  18. Land

    Denied Applying for Staff

    it's quite short, you should really try adding some more detail to increase your chances of being accepted!