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  1. TBNRfragsII

    I'm Sorry :(

    Have a good time at Minesaga everyone
  2. TBNRfragsII

    I'm Sorry :(

    I'm sorry to the Minesaga community and the entire skyblock community but... I'm quitting Minesaga and taking a break off Minecraft altogether (other than videos). Right now, I'm feeling like playing "this" Minecraft was a bit of time-wasting because sometimes I would lose all of my hard work...
  3. TBNRfragsII

    Dungeons Update

    are the rewards good
  4. TBNRfragsII

    Accepted KelpKraft's Player Report

    please ban its annoying as hell
  5. TBNRfragsII

    Accepted KelpKraft's Player Report

    Realm Kingdom Username TBNRfragsII Their Username KelpKraft Punishment Spam and advertising please come Proof https://gyazo.com/72f167b64e2f460f01e0bd3a09a7fa69 Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  6. TBNRfragsII

    How iron block IS value is useless

    If I did the math correctly, I think that if you buy iron for is value, you're just wasting money. So in /shop, iron blocks cost $279 but to make the math easier, i'll just make it $280. Iron blocks placed on your is, value only $0.001. So if I buy 10 iron blocks, the value will go up to $0.01...
  7. TBNRfragsII

    Denied _DrDankFam_'s Player Report

    Repost since it wasn't fullscreen
  8. TBNRfragsII

    Denied _DrDankFam_'s Player Report

    Realm Kingdom Username TBNRfragsII Their Username _DrDankFam_ Punishment calling me a mad cu** Proof https://gyazo.com/735f84675e9f6c8e95414fdcc8dcdba1 (bottom left corner Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  9. TBNRfragsII

    Denied _DrDankFam_'s Player Report

    Realm Kingdom Username TBNRfragsII Their Username _DrDankFam_ Punishment he said if anyones australian, I said yes and then he called me a mad cu** Proof https://gyazo.com/03ed7ace14e9fad2980789c6c782702b Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  10. TBNRfragsII

    How do you get YT rank?

    This is not a staff application, it's how to get YouTube rank. First of all, I am a non-popular YouTuber who is looking to grow his channel. I would like to play on MineSaga to get more subs, get more views and grow the popularity of MineSaga. If that's not convincing enough, I will try to...
  11. TBNRfragsII

    Did you get banned?

    Did you get banned?
  12. TBNRfragsII

    Muted ...

    Pwoof its not perm!
  13. TBNRfragsII


    I was streaming fortnite on youtube and sent 2 links to my stream then I stopped then got 3 HOUR MUTED!!!!! luckily my mute would've expired by now since I was playing fortnite. My apologies Minesaga network for what i've done.
  14. TBNRfragsII

    Denied takzi's Staff Application

    +1 Here is a recommendation to the realms you should play Jurassic (Just Reset) Space Mystic Western
  15. TBNRfragsII

    Muted ...

    i'm unmuted
  16. TBNRfragsII

    Muted ...

    Wow my first mute on the server, i got muted by medulla for spam RIP TBNR
  17. TBNRfragsII

    Denied 39D's Ban appeal

    Don't scam them ~ TBNR
  18. TBNRfragsII

    Denied Pevlo Staff Application [NA]

    Lacking a tiny bit of detail
  19. TBNRfragsII

    Denied Terminator2jday's Staff Application

    Neutral not bad its not the best its ok
  20. TBNRfragsII

    Denied Accept this thread

    That's a lot of proof