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    AJDowns123's Staff App

    Minecraft Username AJDowns123 Age 16 Timezone GMT Country United Kingdom Realm Activity Western, although currently, I don't play much. Activity Monday: 2 Hours+ Tuesday: 2 Hours+ Wednesday: 2 Hours+ Thursday: 2 Hours+ Friday: 2 Hours+ Saturday: 3 Hours+ Sunday: 3 Hours+ I cannot play as...
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    Denied AJDowns123's Punishment Appeal

    Minecraft Username AJDowns123 Punisher System Why Asking to rub systems left nipple? Revoked Minesaga Discord is an awesome place, full of cool people, and I want to rejoin that awesome Discord! :P, I asked Gullible to rub his left nipple, and he agreed, so I asked System the same...
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    Denied AJDowns123's Punishment Appeal

    Minecraft Username AJDowns123 Punisher D8ug Why He told me in a private call to @ him in the official minesaga discord server, so I did it, then he said to do it again as a joke, then he banned me, I think he did it accidentally, but not too sure because he's being a bit mean lately...
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    Denied I got banned from the best minecraft server.

    ● Username: AJDowns123 ● Which member of staff punished you? Some helper on discord ● Why exactly were you punished? No reason, they was being mean... ● Why do you believe the punishment should be revoked? Because i'm a good person, and Gullible said I can rub his nipple... ● What platform did...
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    Denied Discord Ban Appeal!

    ● Minecraft Username: JustAJ#1671 ● Which member of staff banned you from the network?: Someone In Discord. ● Why exactly were you banned from the network?: I think I was banned for accidentally sending a link to a picture of an animal, pic attached. (...
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    Minesaga Official News! Article 2! 8 Week Winner, Moustafa, Blacklisted and loses 6K Island Top Winnings!

    8 Week Winner, Moustafa, Blacklisted and loses 6K Island Top Winnings! Breaking News today as Moustafa has been Blacklisted! Not only was he Blacklisted, but exposed for duping! Although he accused Gullible of lying and said that he did not dupe, I'm pretty sure he did, this was the statement...
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    AJ's Minesaga Weekly News Channel! First Edition!

    Hello to the kind community of Minesaga. Welcome to the first edition of AJ's Minesaga Weekly News! Top story today is about @moustafa1818! But he isn't just 1 person! In fact, there are 2 people who play on the amazing account with Saga rank. This recently came to me, @Orphan & @BrandyMann...
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    Closed MCMMO On Seasonal.

    Personally, on Seasonal the new realm what is coming out on Saturday at 2 PM EST for a month I think they should add MCMMO. - MC-Top, They could add an MC-Top "challenge" where the person with the most MCMMO Levels at the end of the season gets 100 Paypal or something, or even just a Global...
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    1ST POST?!?!??!?!??!?!?

    AM I FIRST!??!?!?!