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    Is my name too inappropriate

    i changed my name is it too inappropriate?? no ban pls i can change later
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    hi guys most of u dont know me i play on space realm and my ign is Songo. I just wanted to tell u guys that im quitting.The reasons are that i got scammed for over 100 bil and insided and a lot of more. Ive been hanging in this community for over a year now. I gave all my stuff to my friend. Ive...
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    Denied Just good or cheats?

    The realm this occurred on Space Your Minecraft username Songo Minecraft Username of the player in questionShotSkillzzVVDB Why do you believe the player should be punished? I think his hits and reach look kinda sketchy and u can see the block amount if u slow down to 0.25 Any sort of proof...
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    1 Year on minesaga

    Hey guys most of u dont remember me as most of the OG people have quitted. I quitted skyblock too cause my friend CoolifiedFinn quitted for faction like me. Well i havent been 1 year on minesage but 354 days if my math is correct.(my account name is NigExeo" i created this account on 2018 march...
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    Closed MesterJoaquin admitting to hacks!

    so i was in /warp pvp and there was this dude called "MesterJoaquin" with rank. He was hacking and my obs crashed but then he admitted to it. ! http://prntscr.com/jbeskb
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    Closed Rasicm in Space realm

    LoxxGamingHD said the N word http://prntscr.com/ja3ohv
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    Closed Spam

    So i found this guy xxxOofBlue and he was spamming http://prntscr.com/j8oa5b
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    i am finally unbanned and i can finally buy some more dirt and enjoy throwing it to the void. thank you for taking ur time to read my post. bye
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    Closed 50T Ban appeal

    Yes i said i will DDoS as a joke. And i didnt know theres rules called DDoS threats if would know about that before i got banned i wouldnt say it. I understand if i cant get unbanned. Have a great day. Sorry for my bad english.
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    Closed Rasicm in space realms

    Heres this guy called EnemyHunter007 who is racist. Need proves? here it is http://prntscr.com/j4x2vi
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    Denied 50T Helper application.

    I wanted to be a mod in minesaga.org. for a very long time