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  1. Ozaqu

    Denied Zikobiko and BakerBiko hacking

    Screenshot is not valid but they are prob hacking but can be laggy persons aswell.
  2. Ozaqu

    best staff of August

  3. Ozaqu

    Denied IAmSlime - Staff Application EU

    +1 u can be staff but dont leave then xd
  4. Ozaqu

    Closed All the 4th ranks.........

    ye 4th and 5th rank are almost the same except in some points
  5. Ozaqu

    Closed All the 4th ranks.........

    That would be good aswell , they need to make a more grind way to obtain ranks
  6. Ozaqu

    Closed All the 4th ranks.........

    thats true but the fun is going away
  7. Ozaqu


    IGN:Ozaqu Age:69 Country:Netherlands Realm: Space pros: -oof cons: -oof Additional Info: OOOOFFFFF
  8. Ozaqu

    Closed All the 4th ranks.........

    All the tabs are filled with the 4th highest ranks and in my opinion its not really a motivation anymore to grind for the ranks bec if you ask to some top rank with some points he will give you the rank for free. i hope that there is going to be a solution for this 'problem'. -Ozaqu
  9. Ozaqu

    Changelog | 10th August

    Lets wait for the BIG update , hope its getting me saga
  10. Ozaqu

    Your Suggestions

    Make a battle Royale.
  11. Ozaqu


    Farewell fellow dutch Minecrafter! GoodLuck in the future!
  12. Ozaqu


  13. Ozaqu

    next season

    There is no ETA yet but prob in a few months
  14. Ozaqu

    Denied scam

    No proof , and dont be that kid that reports ppl for no reason
  15. Ozaqu

    Denied I dont even care anymore

    -1 , 'jerk' System? if you appealed normal then you have a higher % to get Accepted.
  16. Ozaqu

    Accepted Exceeding Alt Limit

    Why you say 'this occurred on minecraft'?
  17. Ozaqu

    Accepted Staff Application :)

    I tought yoshi was the Admin , lol but +1 goodluck
  18. Ozaqu

    Suggestion : Marvel SpawnerStack and Buying Spawners

    I think the SpawnerStack need to go from only '250' Possible spawners in 1 stack to '500' Possible spawners in 1 stack or even '1000' Possible spawners in 1 stack. Aswell that you can buy spawners for the Silverfish need to change that you can buy 64 per 1 time purchase (256000 Coins cost). -Ozaqu
  19. Ozaqu

    Hall of Heroes and Outpost Update

    Good Update :D
  20. Ozaqu

    Accepted Autoclicker (with proof)

    +-1 Bec you cant accuse some that it is an alt of him but he is Autoclicking