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  1. moosheking


    I play on space and I want all the heads of staff ( includes gullible and system) I would buy them for alot. Also I think it would look good in spawn a wall of staffs heads
  2. moosheking


    Space as u know is the first realm released in MineSaga (I think) However it doesn’t get much attention from staff unless they have to be on I play for like 3 hours a day and I almost never see any staff and tons of cussing and stuff happens on there. Buff space and please answer why is western...
  3. moosheking

    Slime Master no dropping loot

    Moosheking Space I was killing slime master yesterday and I killed 1 right before maintenance. Then after I killed another. I GOT NOTHING FROM BOTH I heard the pickup sound and didn’t get them. My inventory was empty expect weapons and eggs Please refund them. This report is for no drops from...
  4. moosheking

    Gullible what “BLOCKSTACK” chest

    Moosheking Space On Monday I lost 750 due to a bug, and gullible said they were in “blockstack” chest However we don’t have one. I even asked all my team mates where it is. They don’t have it IF U REFUND THE 750 VILLIES PUT THEM IN THE CHICKEN SPAWNER CHEST
  5. moosheking

    To staff or not to staff?

    Hey people should I apply for Staff I main on space which not many staff members go on. I actually don’t have islands on the other realms. If I was to apply would u guys think I would be good
  6. moosheking

    Accepted I3ar must be punished

    I3ar This player should be banned he greifed my space station while I was killing slime boss (u need to fix that btw) so I didn’t see it till the worst had happened. He also destroyed my chests somehow. I lost about 300m worth of stuff. This happened on space. The stuff was in ice planet...