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  1. Mimmee

    Island Names

    I think duplicate island names shouldn't be allowed because it appears as if your island has outpost when another island with the same name has it.
  2. Mimmee

    Closed Add /blockstack back

    I think the command /blockstack should be added back since it allows easy transfer of island values also lets your island be a lot more organized.
  3. Mimmee

    /Creeper command

    /Creeper command would put a message on each realm and the first person to time aw man would win an advanced key.
  4. Mimmee

    Denied Benzorzz harassing me

    The realm this occurred on: Western Your Minecraft username: Mimmee Minecraft Username of the player in question: Benzorzz Why do you believe the player should be punished? I believe he is a danger to other people he makes remarks that make me feel very uncomfortable and he makes death threats...
  5. Mimmee

    /trade toggle suggestion or /block (name)

    Hello everyone, I think /tradetoggle would be a great command because I don't know about other people but if someone is saying racist stuff or something and I report them or I /ignore them because they are being annoying and they figure out they usually spam pay me so I /paytoggle but then they...
  6. Mimmee

    Denied Getting Scammed by iVikkstar123 on western

    Please include your username: Mimmee Please include the realm this occured on: Western Please include as much detail as you can regarding the situation: So I was doing a $91 for saga on western and this kid named iVikkstar123 accepts my offer and I tell them I will go first as I thought my...
  7. Mimmee

    My resignation

    Hello everyone, It's been an amazing couple of months of being staff on Minesaga I have gotten to know a lot of you. I am so happy that I have gotten the wonderful experience it has helped me grow as an individual and it has made me learn new skills that I didn't know before. I will miss each...
  8. Mimmee

    Accepted Server Advertisement Spam!

    Minecraft Username of the player in question - EternitowyBogdan Why do you believe the player should be punished? - This player and others have been coming on minesaga multiple times a day and spamming the chat to come to there server. I was hoping that a higher staff could ip ban this account...
  9. Mimmee

    Accepted Mimmee's Staff Application :3

    ● Minecraft Username - Mimmee ● What is your age? Please note, to apply for staff you need to be at least 13 years old. I am 14 years old. ● What is your timezone? (PST) Pacific Standard Time. ● What country are you from? United States. ● Which realm do you play on the most? I play on...
  10. Mimmee

    Rank Vouchers

    Hi, I am Mimmee as most of you know and I am a specialist rank on space. As you all know there a rank vouchers or notes in the game and you can use them, no matter if you have the rank or not. Which I think is ridiculous because people can accidentally redeem a rank they have and boom, its gone...