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  1. K

    Help me find the Ex-Staff TriKill

    I've been trying to find TriKIll for the past 10 month. I cannot find any information associated with him, not even discord. He went "vanished" for at least a year and a half. I know he is probably a controversial guy, but he's one of my best friend during my time playing minesaga. He treated...
  2. K

    Take a look at our epic staff applicant.

    So its 4 in the morning, and I can't sleep because of these amazing player! I'm here to debunk every statement that dep0125 and paul200540 has said in the these post. dep0125's app paul's app rr1076's app Statement No.1 Dep0125 claimed to be a "builder on hypixel" and "helper on vanityMC" and...
  3. K

    Accepted AFKScientist's Punishment Appeal

    Minecraft Username IntelHQ (formerly known as AFKScientist) Punisher FakeGucciWatch Why I was hacking Revoked I regret doing anything that's crossing the line and I take full responsibility of it. I shouldn't cheat. I'm sorry, I wish I could play on the server again and I definitely won't...
  4. K

    Denied AFKScientist's Punishment Appeal

    Minecraft Username IntelHQ Punisher Gucci FakeGucciWatch Why I killaura’ed on max (current mod) Revoked ive learned my lesson Platform Minecraft Appeal Ban Discord
  5. K

    Jin's 2 years anniversary. (and good bye post i guess?)

    **Shit grammar alert** So... hey. You probably know me as Jin, JinFromMars, Jin855102tw, _DetectiveShadow and obviously AFKScientist. I've been playing on MineSaga for almost 2 years, by the time posting this will be exactly 2 years.(Apparently not I'm tired so I just want to post it now) And I...
  6. K

    Closed Legend rank discount suggestion.

    Here's my suggestion that have been stuck in my head. If you somehow got all yellow rank on all realm, you can have a 50% off on buying Legend rank just like rank upgrading. As you already got global top rank. This might let some people thinking about getting legend rank.
  7. K

    Hello this is Jin

    Hi this is Jin and today is my birthday. Please leave me a comment down below thank you.
  8. K

    My time has come... sort of

    Hey fellow Minesaga players. Some of you guys probably know me as Jin or DetectiveShadow. I have been extremely active for the past 1-2 months(Only on kingdom so if you don't know me that's why). And I have a very bad sleep pattern during the summer holiday, I went to sleep at 6AM everyday. and...
  9. K

    /Trade bug in Space.

    Username: _DetectiveShadow Realm: Space Problem: can't add key in /trade section, the add key thingy is bugged. proof:
  10. K

    Accepted Spamming/Advertising Report

    Realm Kingdom realm Username _Detectiveshadow Their Username Stasi Punishment Spam, Advertising. Proof Attach File(s) attached
  11. K

    Accepted _DetectiveShadow's Staff Application [Taiwan]

    Minecraft Username My current in game username is _DetectiveShadow Age I am 16 years of age. Born on the 2nd of May, 2003. Timezone GMT+8. Taiwan Country I am a Taiwanese citizen, Currently live in Taiwan. Realm Activity I play the most in Kingdom realm. However, I have been hopping around...
  12. K

    Denied _DetectiveShadow's Staff Application

    Minecraft Username: _DetectiveShadow Age: I am currently 16 years old. 2nd May 2003 Timezone: GMT+8 - Taiwan Country: I'm currently live in Taiwan Realm Activity: I mainly play on Kingdom realm, however, I am willing to go on other realm to guide new players. Activity: Monday - Friday: 2 -...
  13. K

    Denied KIngdom - cooperzboys Scamming

    The realm this occurred on : Kingdom realm Your Minecraft username : _Detectiveshadow Minecraft Username of the player in question : cooperzboys Why do you believe the player should be punished? First, he want to quit as he said in /msg, and i tp to him, found a shop chest with spawner. and...
  14. K

    Outpost glitch

    Realm: Kingdom my ign: _DetectiveShadow Glitch player: TheHackerSuffix the outpost is somehow glitched and we cant decapture it, and that player can capture it without stay in the outpost. here is the video: and this is the picture