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  1. FalconGamingYT

    Bug Dungeons

    In the dungeons, there are stone blocks which makes sense but there's 1 problem involved in this and that is that silverfish clip into stone blocks and make massive holes, because of this I got stuck in a 3 deep hole without the jump boost effect and had to somehow get the boss in the hole aswell 😩
  2. FalconGamingYT

    Another Grammar mistake

    Basically Look in chat where it says "There is KOTH time left on 01:00" I think the words KOTH and 01:00 should be switched around
  3. FalconGamingYT

    Typo and Bug (monthly crates & outpost)

    #1 Monthly Crates. As you can see down below I made screenshots of me receiving Monthly crates. I happened to notice there is an L in front of MONTHLY as this is probably the code for &L. #2 Below you can see a screenshot of me at outpost decapping Smite (Im in Grind2Win) but if you type...
  4. FalconGamingYT

    Denied FalconGamingYT's Staff App

    Minecraft Username My Minecraft username is currently BlazinYT and will most likely stay like this for the years to come Age I’m 15 years of age, and my birthday is on the 25th of July. Timezone I’m currently located in The Netherlands which is in the timezone GMT +1 or +2 Country As asserted...
  5. FalconGamingYT

    ./chunk command

    Hello there fellow people of MineSaga It'd be awesome to see a command like ./chunk appear so u can see chunk borders in 1.8 this means we don't have to mess with F3 mode to see the chunk coörds Your Fellow Grinder: Blazin
  6. FalconGamingYT

    Shout out to mah bud's

    Hello Everyone, as ya'll, may or may not know my name is BlazinYT or Blazin I'm here to talk about my great 1-year +16 days experience I have had with MineSaga's Community First of all, I'd like to thank my fellow players who I consider my friends. Dusteye: thanks for being such an...
  7. FalconGamingYT

    Denied xderp's unban has been tampered with

    The realm this occurred on: Western Your Minecraft username: BlazinYT Minecraft Username of the player in question: xderp Why do you believe the player should be punished? I suspect xderp is using some kind of hacks. Any sort of proof regarding this? I'd like to use his own unban proof against...
  8. FalconGamingYT

    Clickbait!! :) (no just normal suggestions....)

    Hello, there fellow MineSaga players. I would like to make some suggestions. 1.) I'd like to see ./mobcoinshop return. I have asked this in previous seasons and it got denied for the reason "then there will be more people auto clicking" on this I'd like to respond. we can now also buy Mobcoins...
  9. FalconGamingYT

    Denied FalconGamingYT Staff Application

    ● Minecraft Username FalconGamingYT. ● What is your age? Currently, I’m 14 Years of age. (Birthday 07/25/2004 (American way)or 25/07/2004 (Europe way)) ● What is your timezone? I live in Europe(The Netherlands). My timezone Therefore is GMT+1 or CET. ● What country are you from? I’m...
  10. FalconGamingYT

    Accepted False Ban (not main discussion)

    (I Know its early Appeal) ● FalconGamingYT ● Mistine ● "Unfair advantage (Velocity)" ● I Think I should be unbanned...
  11. FalconGamingYT

    [Suggestion] Mobcoinshop, Cowboy rank,

    Hello Everyone who sees this. My Suggestion is that MineSaga Should bring ./mobcoinshop Back again But everything you buy from there is 5x as expensive as ./pointshop since we don't have a way to spend our mobcoins on except for spawner upgrades. I Would also like to see the Cowboy Rank being...
  12. FalconGamingYT

    Denied -=- FalconGamingYT's Staff Application -=-

    ● Minecraft Username: FalconGamingYT ● What is your age: I'm 14 Years Old Atm (Birthday on 25th of July) ● What is your timezone? CET (Central European Time) ● What country are you from? The Netherlands ● Which realm do you play on the most? Currently, I'm playing on Western ● How many...
  13. FalconGamingYT

    Owner Review My Brother Hepzibeth <3

    Hello any 1 who watches this I'm making this appeal for my friend Hepzibeth (I'm not the guy he's talking about in the screenies) Appeal: Minecraft username: Hepzibeth Which member of staff banned you from the network? : Console Why were you banned from the network: Chargeback Why do you...
  14. FalconGamingYT

    Accepted 3 Spammers on Minesaga

    This is an Report for 3 PPL: IHardWork, GUNDOG7207, ganzuk i think they should be punished for spam like i got last season (mute)