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  1. Fawa_Fx

    Survival or Bedwars

    I know this will be a big step and probably will take time but what about adding survival SURVIVAL: I know that skyblock is the originality of the server and adding survival might change the future of the server but on the other hand it can also attract new players who are tired of playing...
  2. Fawa_Fx

    The golden apples and notched apples rarity

    Its just so that there are juat too many notch and god apples in envoys and supply crates you literally have to claim it once and you are setup for the gear make them more rare and also better reward in envoys or supply drop like 1x ig spawner or even minions so that people actually come to pick...
  3. Fawa_Fx

    Make a particle effect to show where the generators will be placed

    Its annoying for anyone to put something where they didnt want to or make so that you dont have to wait 30 minutues just to build the generator and picking it up make so that you can pick it up during build progress
  4. Fawa_Fx

    Denied Fawa_Fx's Staff App

    Minecraft Username Fawa_Fx Age 17 Timezone +5 Country Pakistan Realm Activity Mystic,may start kingdom after reset Activity I have played on this server 2 years ago in kingdom also a little in the middle but i have rejoined 3 days ago already have more than 20 hours you can expect maybe 40+...