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  1. Stonings

    Bye Minesaga

    cya man, ill miss you.
  2. Stonings

    Denied MasonM2516's Staff App

  3. Stonings

    Denied OhiBrahim's Staff App

  4. Stonings

    Denied KiterBry's Staff App

    +1 amazing
  5. Stonings

    Denied 5penc's Staff App

    -1 no
  6. Stonings

    Denied MLGCraftYT's Punishment Appeal

    Man cmon, You've been banned 2 times now. And by the looks of things you don't "realize" your mistake. You were being extremely racist to me after I killed you. Imo, you shouldn't be let onto the server.
  7. Stonings

    Denied Deactivation's Staff App

  8. Stonings

    Accepted puppetman04's Staff App

  9. Stonings

    Denied Taaj_Manzoor's Staff App

  10. Stonings

    Denied Kin's Staff App

    idk, -1
  11. Stonings

    Jin's 2 years anniversary. (and good bye post i guess?)

    damn man, the memories i'll miss you for sure!
  12. Stonings

    Rollback/Server Incident

  13. Stonings

    Denied Tono's Staff App

    +1 :))
  14. Stonings


    imo, they're perfect
  15. Stonings

    Denied 48L's Staff App

  16. Stonings

    Denied _Thouz's Staff App

    -1 you cry a lot, and youre toxic
  17. Stonings

    Denied Scorchpicl's Staff App

    i play space i haven't seen you on space.