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  1. Koen2306

    Denied Pikayellow's Player Report

    Realm Western Username Koen2306 Their Username Pikayellow Punishment Hacks, hitting me from over 20 blocks. Proof https://gyazo.com/bf65e8c902984979a4f983dfe89aa1ca Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  2. Koen2306

    Denied Mistine's Player Report

    Realm Discord Username koenwillems#5961 Their Username Mistine Punishment Incorrect ban? Proof I don't even know what I did wrong? Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  3. Koen2306

    Denied Koen2306's Punishment Appeal

    Minecraft Username [PHT]koenwillems#5961 Punisher Dunno Why Dunno either pm? Revoked Idk what I did wrong? Platform Discord Appeal Ban Discord
  4. Koen2306

    A small break from Minesaga

    I'm taking a small break from Minesaga due to busy & difficulties in lifeeeee. I will see everyone soon again :)
  5. Koen2306

    Denied their usernames; 265,266 etc till like 306+'s Player Report

    Realm Marvel Username Koen2306 Their Username their usernames; 265,266 etc till like 306+ Punishment Using a VPN to vote? Proof https://gyazo.com/bc94bd51c62d890b6ae006638dc8f974 https://gyazo.com/40b43ba25f0898b9c396bd73fb7d3cd8 Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  6. Koen2306

    Dropparty key: Lucky package.

    Opened a Dropparty key on Marvel and i won a lucky package but it gave me nothing? Realm: Marvel ign: Koen2306 https://gyazo.com/80106a99c250d6211e4f8b2e736069c2
  7. Koen2306

    Dropper key

    Sometimes in the dropper key, I drop down I hit something and it just allows me to walk down into the water. BUT there's also this weird-ass glitch that just kills me after I jump. I did 4 keys with the same dropper 4 times 5/5 no fails and then again the 5th key the same way to make it and it...
  8. Koen2306

    Marvel ''Full inventory''

    Can there be a /options added to mute the message when having a full inventory while mining? I just wanna mine gems without selling but that command spams my whole screen and chat...
  9. Koen2306


  10. Koen2306

    Dungeon Boss

    Could there be a hp bar added to the dungeon boss? For some reason, it feels like giving up if u don't see a hp bar since it takes ages to defeat.
  11. Koen2306

    Accepted PoundHerAss & 9fo's Player Report

    Realm Marvel Username Koen2306 Their Username PoundHerAss & 9fo Punishment Again starting a problem and spreading toxicness... Proof https://gyazo.com/b7c794ff8fe074d3abe118d4f333bb7b Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  12. Koen2306

    Accepted Corning's Player Report

    Realm Kingdom Username Koen2306 Their Username Corning Punishment Behavior Proof https://gyazo.com/39abbaee2c98557412fb904010237d34 Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  13. Koen2306

    Accepted Auhdi's Player Report

    Realm Marvel Username Koen2306 Their Username Auhdi Punishment Behavior Proof Attach File(s) attached
  14. Koen2306

    Ghost blocks Marvel

    Does anyone on Marvel get ghostblocks while mining that makes u get stuck in a block? and does someone know how to fix it?
  15. Koen2306

    Accepted Firesteel4's Player Report

    Realm Kingdom Username Koen2306 Their Username Firesteel4 Punishment False mute Proof https://gyazo.com/44427311d2dfef476573f930c6bdab1a I did not swear against a player so it isn't breaking the rules. I got this from an old report I made on someone=...
  16. Koen2306

    Denied jordan#0389's Player Report

    Realm Discord Username koenwillems#5961 Their Username jordan#0389 Punishment Calling me obese and fat. Proof https://gyazo.com/be51c7ce023bbc6cc6b840412941943f Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  17. Koen2306

    Closed Sell portal filter?

    Can there be a filter added to the sell portal? Just like T4 Hopps.
  18. Koen2306

    Bingo fall damage in water

    https://gyazo.com/b1775ea62b0e5afee230496d8ea8ef20 https://gyazo.com/389e21e369870667bc2f41e17b4ba5db https://gyazo.com/025a5ff8e3f757c0e46c6f3fffc0ac6d
  19. Koen2306

    Koen's FIRST EVER Introduction.. Here we go

    Hey hey, I'm, Koen Willems 17 yo from Holland... IGN Koen2306, OG Kingdom player well known as Palkia Since the sweet opening in January long ago. I live on my own in the Philipines and I'm enjoying life to the fullest. For the rest, I love Skyblock and its community. So hey, nice to meet you...
  20. Koen2306

    Denied Koen2306's Staff App

    Minecraft Username Koen2306. Age 17. Timezone PHT. Country Holland, Currently staying in the Philipines until June 18, 2020. Realm Activity Kingdom. Activity I put over 3 hours+ a day in Minesaga. Playtime per day: Monday: 6 PM to 5 AM/2 PM PHT. Tuesday: 6 PM to 5 AM/2 PM PHT. Wednesday: 6...