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  1. Koen2306

    MineSaga | Kingdom Reset

    If i could only be there ;/
  2. Koen2306

    TevMazins's Staff App

    Need more detail
  3. Koen2306

    Bye Everyone...

    Not to mention me carrying you in rocket league, guess im irrelevant now :cry:
  4. Koen2306


    The boss in pvp arena sounds bad.
  5. Koen2306

    What do you want?

    Just bring back oldschool cmon.
  6. Koen2306

    What do you want?

    Bring back max alts to 4 per player, bring oldschool back.
  7. Koen2306


    Fatty ❤
  8. Koen2306


    Questioning myself how i didn't become staff
  9. Koen2306


    Where me for being irrelevent?
  10. Koen2306


    *Koen for taking all his amazing ideas for attention*
  11. Koen2306


    Bye dutchie 😪
  12. Koen2306

    Denied iBenderMC’s Staff App

    +1 ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesh
  13. Koen2306

    Denied pIxel4oBg's Player Report

    As well no proof? both should be punished ehehe.
  14. Koen2306

    Denied pIxel4oBg's Player Report

    Leader kicked you, making that generator his. Then you insided him by taking the generator with a alt.
  15. Koen2306

    Accepted Blackbeans' Staff Application

    Good appie +1
  16. Koen2306

    Denied tantor101's Staff App

    I love to see daily jokes/
  17. Koen2306

    Denied Sxwish's Staff App | NA

    Goodluck buddy +1
  18. Koen2306

    tantor101's Staff App

    Thanks for the feedback? u made a staff application before and everybody gave u feedback. u haven't applied a single thing to your application which people told u to do.
  19. Koen2306

    Denied SwitchPlays's Staff App

    out of all the people with applications that lack detail. I believe switch is a potential good staff member for the Minesaga team.
  20. Koen2306

    Accepted No_haxs_just_pro's Player Report

    What is the main problem of post farming? lol