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  1. Tono__

    1 Bug report 1 Suggestion

    Bug: I did a trade with someone on Kingdom for a mine pickaxe (the one upgraded with /pickaxe). This is kind of a dupe because I was given their pickaxe that I can store in my pv, and the other person just gets it again when they warp to the mines, so technically there is infinite amounts of...
  2. Tono__

    End Idea

    Since the End now has more of a purpose, I think it would be a good idea to have a global boss that spawns every 12-24 hours. People can warp to the end and try to defeat what I would assume to be an Ender Dragon. Pvp is enabled so it would make it harder to kill without being hit from other...
  3. Tono__

    Arcade Reset

    Along with the Realm resets, I would like to see the Arcade get a major boost! Keep the same games as now, but add new ones such as Capture the Flag, Skywars, Hunger Games, and strategy games. I also think it would be cool to view a leaderboard for each game.
  4. Tono__


    Custom tab is broken: https://gyazo.com/bfaa01f64e0d9a9f4187c8fde1cccbd2 https://gyazo.com/d41992630b20f6618cd3c0b2d1667e82
  5. Tono__

    Accepted Tono's Staff App

    Minecraft Username Tono_x Age 14 Timezone EST- New York Time Country United States Realm Activity I spend most of my time on the Western Realm, competing with my team and talking to the community. I intend on spending a lot of time on Space and Mystic next season as well. Sometimes I peak...
  6. Tono__

    Minecraft Alts and Afking

    Minecraft Alts & The Problems When it comes to MineSaga and AFKing your farms, you need a lot of alternate accounts, like a lot. Especially if you play on farming realms, some teams load upwards of 300 alts onto the server. Here is where my proposal comes in... Reasons why there is no Alt...
  7. Tono__

    Shift Click Client Side Problem

    I am assuming this is a client side problem because no one else has a problem with it except me. When I hover shift click, it glitches out and nothing goes into my inventory. Can someone help? It only happens on MineSaga, no other server...
  8. Tono__

    Closed Server transportation

    /server western /server mystic /server kingdom /server space /server jurassic /server arcade that’s all :)
  9. Tono__

    Saga Rank

    I saw in another thread that it would be a “good idea” to allow users to rank up from Top Realm Rank to Legend or Saga through the game itself. I don’t necessarily agree with this but it brought up a different topic. Most people cannot whatsoever handle a 200-300 dollar payment at once...
  10. Tono__

    Closed An In Depth Caves Suggestion and Bug Report

    I felt like it was a good idea to voice my opinion on this new update! I have gathered multiple pieces of evidence including bugs and suggestions! First, I would like to start off with my suggestions... The Cave is way too easy! When I first read the thread for The Cave, I expected something a...
  11. Tono__

    New command Idea

    Okay here me out, many people could call me lazy, but I think it is a good idea: A customizable panel (GUI) where you execute /panel or something similar and it pulls up one interface with everything you choose. Access to the shop, online store, auction house, island top, baltop, and any...
  12. Tono__

    Spawner Chat Bug

    This is just a small cosmetic issue and is not very big, just thought I'd point it out. One message in particular when breaking a spawner is purple (configured for Mystic) instead of blue. I know it's not a big deal I just thought I would point it out...
  13. Tono__

    Random generator question

    Tell me if this is a dumb question but generators only need someone on the island to register right? they don't have to be loaded per chunk?
  14. Tono__

    Denied Tono's Staff App

    Minecraft Username Tono_x Age 14 Timezone EST- New York Time Country United States Realm Activity I spend most of my time on the Western Realm, competing with my team and talking to the community. Sometimes I peak into other realms but for the most part, my time is on Western. Activity My...
  15. Tono__

    Too many tags

    You receive too many tags in crates. It is the 2nd going on 3rd week of western and I already have stacks of MoneyMan and PVP tags. Personally I think the amount should be cut down and variety should be added. Like maybe every season the tag that circulates changes or maybe there is a custom tag...
  16. Tono__

    Jackpot Suggestion

    Revamp /jackpot so you can bet not just money but also items. For example I do “/jackpot bet hand” and the tier3 hopper I was holding gets added to a jackpot GUI. When the timer runs out, winner gets all the prizes. Let me know what you all think!
  17. Tono__

    A Gone Wrong Player Report [Suggestion]

    I created a player report for GetYouSomeDak that was denied. It was denied for the fact that the photos were taken with a phone and did not show the entire screen (The scoreboard). Mistine denied it. In no offense to Mistine, it was just server protocol she was following. Despite this, I was...
  18. Tono__

    Denied GetYouSomeDak's Player Report

    Realm Western Username Tono_x Their Username GetYouSomeDak Punishment This interaction did not happen with me, however it occurred between mainly Aphlac and _Thouz. I am only making a player report on behalf of my friend, Aphlac, because they had trouble loading the files onto this...
  19. Tono__

    Chimp and Penguin Suggestion

    Have Chimp and Penguin pets work on any island you are gaining profit on, whether you are a part of that island or not.
  20. Tono__

    [Suggestion] Island Alliance

    This could go both ways because not many people encounter this problem, but I think it is still worth putting out there. Maybe create a /is ally or something similar to how alliances in factions work, but for skyblock. It would be useful for people that have multiple islands and want to...