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  1. NotShadey

    Wanna hit my juul?

    Wanna hit my juul?
  2. NotShadey

    My first staff application - Iron_Kevin

    -1 Deze staff sollicitatie mist wat details! Je zegt dat je maar 10u actief kan zijn iedere week wat betekent dat je maar 1.5u actief kan zijn per dag, dat is gewoon niet genoeg. -1 This application lacks detail You say can only be active for 10h each week which means you can only be active...
  3. NotShadey

    Staff Application

    -1 There's only one riley!
  4. NotShadey

    lifehurts staff application, NA

    -1 Lack of detail.
  5. NotShadey

    Staff appeal EndOnFire

    -1 Lacks detail
  6. NotShadey

    1 Year.

    Probably never as I play Viper & PvPWars now. But you never know xD
  7. NotShadey

    1 Year.

  8. NotShadey

    Staff of the month March

    defo Navires
  9. NotShadey

    Accepted Lord0wnage's Staff Application

    great guy but work on your maturity, however +1
  10. NotShadey

    Denied Griffdragon's Staff application

    -1 Inactivity
  11. NotShadey

    Denied Sirlugga's Staff Application

    -1 self-explanatory
  12. NotShadey

    Denied FineeChina's Staff Application

    -1 No effort
  13. NotShadey

    Player report

    Who doesn't lie in ban appeals in 2019?
  14. NotShadey

    Most may know us and some may not... Anyways Howdy!

    Sup dude, you seem pretty nice.
  15. NotShadey

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Follow the format & include questions of the format too. ● Minecraft Username ● Which member of staff banned you from the network? ● Why exactly were you banned from the network? ● Why do you believe you should be unbanned?
  16. NotShadey

    Denied Return staff app :/ - No_haxs

    +1000 best staff!
  17. NotShadey

    Congratulations with promotions!

    Ye dude also you congratz on mod!!!! wow you even got promoted for sure!! No problem, keep up the good work Navires!
  18. NotShadey

    Congratulations with promotions!

    To my opinion, yes. Ye, If you feel like you deserved it, that's cool. good moment to use this quote!
  19. NotShadey

    Congratulations with promotions!

    No problem!
  20. NotShadey

    Congratulations with promotions!

    Huh? re-read whole thread :)