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  1. KiterBry

    The time has come

    Ight so gonna keep this short, got a lot of people to thank for the past 2 years on ms. This won't be in order of importance, it's just in the order that seems kinda logical in my head and my heads weird so it's just janky and all over the place . Sirbay11 - been talking for close to 1.5...
  2. KiterBry

    Accepted 5h4dowHunt3r's Player Report

    Realm Forums Username KiterBry Their Username 5h4dowHunt3r Punishment This player has been constantly posting threads that make no sense or are just plain post farming. Proof https://minesaga.org/threads/finding-staff.30736/ https://minesaga.org/threads/island-level.30540/...
  3. KiterBry

    Suggestion: tag

    So we got the tag for #screwcancer but could we have the community come up with good other tags related to illnesses (physical as well as mental illnesses) and throw those on the store as well? I'd def pay for one of those :)
  4. KiterBry

    Trainer_Wolf's Player Report

    Realm Forums Username KiterBry Their Username Trainer_Wolf Punishment This player has been overly toxic and abusive on the forums, lacking any sense of empathy for the other people on the forums. Has been told many times by numerous other people to quit this behavior but just continues...
  5. KiterBry

    Pet buff?

    Eyup peoples, In the testing for the new season I've found (and heard) that the pets have not been adjusted to the eco, proving some of them quite unhelpful to say the least. The cat is a great example, it should buff the amount of mobcoins gained but using a mobcoin booster along with frog...