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  1. SwiftESwiftE

    Denied SwiftESwiftE's Punishment Appeal

    Minecraft Username SwiftESwiftE Punisher Gqe Why Third offence Revoked Ive waited i think about a month and i wont do it again Platform Minecraft Appeal Mute Discord SwiftESwiftE#2503
  2. SwiftESwiftE


    I keep getting 1 tapped by /skills please fix
  3. SwiftESwiftE


    Make prices more xp still the same sense the beginning of the seasons
  4. SwiftESwiftE

    Denied Gqe's Player Report

    Realm Mystic Username SwiftESwiftE Their Username Gqe Punishment Perm muted for saying what exactly lolz Proof https://i.imgur.com/twdL6ga.png Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  5. SwiftESwiftE

    Do something about outpost please

    People from other realms random teams that just wanna have fun and decap outpost and annoy you new players just like to decap outpost for fun please do something about this so they can’t keep coming back in /kit starter every 2 seconds and to decap it’s just annoying at this point
  6. SwiftESwiftE

    Closed Cave

    Add more ores add more mobs make the ores you mine like miningworld so when you leave you get all the money you get from mining the ore at once and have the ores sell for more to
  7. SwiftESwiftE

    Island achievements

    ok so ive been thinking about a couple of island prestige rewards and such i was thinking what about island achievements all your island has an achievement each day of placing spawners farming crops etc.. but if you prestige your island you can have 2 or 3 achievements each day your whole island...
  8. SwiftESwiftE


    Change the decap time to 2mins or 1min 30 seconds I’m tired of people that just keep going back and trying to decap every 5mins it gets very annoying
  9. SwiftESwiftE

    Island activity

    It should include what people take and add into island vault
  10. SwiftESwiftE

    Upgrade wand

    Being able to shift right click with the upgrade wand and it maxes out the the spawners of all levels would make it easier
  11. SwiftESwiftE

    Conquest and egg event

    Change the rewards that you get from it to legendary dropper and parkour keys like before would make more people actually wanna go to the events every week
  12. SwiftESwiftE


    I was thinking what if envoys gave you crate keys or crate shards not too much so you don’t get that much but a new envoy drop would be nice
  13. SwiftESwiftE


    I’ve noticed they are pretty dang bad if you get unlucky I would recommend removing sell wands from them and armour as well make the island level you get just a little bit higher and add actually useful items instead of the armour and sell wands the amount of armour I have from envoys is just...
  14. SwiftESwiftE

    Event keys

    To make them a bit more worth add rank vouchers to them
  15. SwiftESwiftE

    Generator suggestion

    Have the blocks that come from a generator sell for more because generators are kinda useless like /warp farm the crops sell for more make the same thing for generators
  16. SwiftESwiftE

    Bug report

    Vote jackpot
  17. SwiftESwiftE

    Private signs

    Maybe have the owner of the island be able to remove them if you kick someone from your island its annoying if you kick someone and you have to make a support ticket everytime
  18. SwiftESwiftE

    Tiered hoppers

    I thought this was a pretty good suggestion sometimes you want faster transfer rate for hoppers but dont want it picking stuff up in a chunk maybe make it where you can turn off picking stuff up in a chunk with tier 2 and 3 hoppers
  19. SwiftESwiftE

    Tier 4 hoppers

    Please add them back would help us filter poppys out of villager farms and you would need less farms and less alts
  20. SwiftESwiftE

    Fishing skill

    Ive noticed by the time i get anywhere close to level 50 fishing skill the season is gonna be over maybe make it easier to level up still takes way to long to level up