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  1. Ainz

    Closed Hopper

    I want a late game option to use hoppers. Current 150% loot buff on minions make them the only option. -You can add 5th upgrade option to spawners to make them permanently drop 50% extra loot with a lot of mobcoins (with current eco getting a lot of mobcoins is not easy) -You can add...
  2. Ainz

    Closed General

    /ci filter + chest clear wand+/cc filter
  3. Ainz

    Owner Review Discord Ban appeal

    ● Minecraft Username:AinzooalgownI ● Which member of staff banned you from the network?:I don't know ● Why exactly were you banned from the network?:Racism but i didin't know it is ● Why do you believe you should be unbanned?In my country we call friends like nigga cause of USA TV Series and...
  4. Ainz

    Accepted Ban apeal for alts,Discord Ban apeal

    ● Minecraft Username:AinzooalgownI ● Which member of staff banned you from the network?:Gullible ● Why exactly were you banned from the network?:Chargeback(unbanned) ● Why do you believe you should be unbanned?(I got banned from one of my alts and i got unbanned I want unban for my other...
  5. Ainz

    Denied AinzooalgownI

    ● Minecraft Username:AinzooalgownI ● What is your age? Please note, to apply for staff you need to be at least 13 years old. : 20 ● What is your timezone? GMT+3 ● What country are you from? Turkey ● Which realm do you play on the most? All realms ● How many hours a week are you able to put into...
  6. Ainz

    Denied Ban apeal For alts

    IGNS: RescueKatt IShotgun AinzooalgownI prokingxxx They were banned for 'Ban evading' My unbanned accounts are 'FatherKiller' and 'COCOCOCOC'
  7. Ainz

    Denied Ban

    Forum name : Talo i got banned for the reason i wasnt know the ‘nigga’ is a word i heard from songs And like at all want unban in discord . IGN:AinzooalgownI IGN:COCOCOC IGN:FatherKiller İ have alot of more banned accounts but i stopped hacking because i found a team And i found legit ways for...
  8. Ainz

    Denied Ban apeal

    IGN:FatherKiller and COCOCOCOC and AinzooalgownI and ıShotgun i want unban for 4 accounts İf they get unban i will be a good boy and do not start new realm
  9. Ainz


    Obsidian mine:8-10Quad Per AutosellUpdate [with 11xMultiplier and Maxed Pickaxe] Warp z:3-4Quad Per AutosellUpdate [with 11xMultiplier and Maxed Pickaxe] Multiplier Keys: 10-15-20 Quad for buying each gives you 15m-1h multiplier Bosses:40-50 Quad %20 Chance to get multiplier key Obby mine...
  10. Ainz

    Owner Review Ban apeal

    -IGN:AinzooalgownI -Gullible -İt says Alt abuse-> İ tought i can only use 4 acc per realm ''Same time'' .Yes i used more then 4 account but not in same time. -İ want unban because i understand the rule wrong and i know 50+ppl doing samething because-İ don't have creature on my main acc but i...
  11. Ainz


    Everyone asking ‘is the looting sword working on minions’İ dont know and if it is work.How it is work villagers are custom mobs.And the vanilya looting is not awsome only makes small different.
  12. Ainz

    Closed Ban Apeal

    IGN:AinzooalgownI [Mod]Remcoo-> İ like him btw :D İt was Misunderstanding İ was sleeping yesterday and my friends was join the minesaga to help me.but i wasn't know that because i was sleeping.We are all using same internet,because it is cheaper then using solo.İ mean we all have same 'İP'.And...