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  1. iShopie

    omg happy birthday

    When are u quitting?
  2. iShopie

    Quitting, fr this time. Might be back in the future..

    Soo was 6th time the charm?
  3. iShopie

    Quitting, fr this time. Might be back in the future..

    Did u count how many times you quit?
  4. iShopie

    Civolar's Staff App

    He's getting accepted.
  5. iShopie

    Civolar's Staff App

  6. iShopie

    Civolar's Staff App

    Why are you guys so harsh on 15 YR old...
  7. iShopie

    Grenade :)

    Jij moet ook echt op alles reageren xD
  8. iShopie

    Why not?

    Big oof.
  9. iShopie

    A Message to ALL intop team leaders

    Thats just dumb.
  10. iShopie

    Denied PenguSkillz's Player Report

    Syntax error 404. He said it wasn't towards a player?
  11. iShopie


    Ign : iShopie Why I want to win: Cuz I understand that u just have 2 much money, so ill take it from u.
  12. iShopie

    Closed Interaction

    U are boo <3
  13. iShopie

    Denied idk who's Player Report

    Pretty cool tbh.
  14. iShopie


    Thats us baby <3 xD
  15. iShopie


    Guess what, I still can't do it without a mistake.
  16. iShopie


  17. iShopie

    Closed Interaction

    Yes kinda
  18. iShopie


    Using discord on webbrowser....