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    Denied Jack_'s Staff App

    +1 my love
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    Denied Popstopdash's Staff App

    i know you are a nice guy from talking to you on the discord! so +1 and Good luck!
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    roller coaster

    ok ok, ill be sure to check it out!
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    Saying hello!

    hello, i hope im not to late with saying hi
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    roller coaster

    is it a big rollercoaster?
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    Denied Skillz01's Staff App

    Minecraft Username Skillz01 Age 15 Timezone CEST Amsterdam, GMT +1 Country The Netherlands Realm Activity Since I started playing minesaga in the beginning of 2018 i have played on Western, and so i still do! Activity Due to the corona virus, I can be online for about 60 hours a...
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    Denied JohannesWick's Staff App

    +1 i can see you have spend time on this!
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    Accepted henkie245's Player Report

    Realm western Username skillz01 Their Username henkie245 Punishment this player came on to our island and on our team, and when i forgot to remove his officer, he broke 34 villiger spawners and about 40 xp spawners. then he logged of so we couldn't get them back. Proof i have the...
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    Closed lost my rank!

    hi, today i bought a thief rank on the western server for my alt account, but it got added to my main, where i already have outlaw. i hope you can add it to my alt (ign is igoud) so i didnt pay for nothing!