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  1. DixieRoseYT

    Closed Rank redeemed

    DIxieroseYT Jurassic Rank Issue I had put a rank on ah(stego) before I went to bed abou 6 hrs ago.I get on and it shows that I redeemed said rank. Only proof I really have is a capture from JBMDeck. I dont care about the rank really just want to help fix if there is bug...
  2. DixieRoseYT

    Allow xpshop to be used

    I propose that the punishment of not being able to use xp shop due to auto clicking should be removed. Since the punishment is no longer valid since we no longer have xpshop just the mobcoin redemption.
  3. DixieRoseYT

    Forum Sync

    It isn't a big deal but my Youtube rank isn't listed. Just letting ya know. Dixie
  4. DixieRoseYT

    Could use the community's help

    As many of you know I am trying to promote Lupus awareness. First let me tell you what Lupus is. It is an auto immune disease. Those who suffer with it, like myself, are being attacked by our own immune systems. There is no cure. Mine has progressed to the point I am in a wheelchair part...
  5. DixieRoseYT

    Bug with signs

    On May 25, 2019 at 14:36 a member of my island opened a chest that had a [Private] sign on it. And proceeded to removed some paper points from it. I confronted them and they disappeared. This however is not a player report but more of a bug report. While I am upset about the situation...
  6. DixieRoseYT

    Slight change to the Rooster

    As many know using the rooster is nearly pointless...You get the same drops with frog and turtle. So why not add paper points to the rooster drop. I know that there is a point spawner but at 40m each (at least on Kingdom) some players won't be able to afford those till the very end of the game...
  7. DixieRoseYT

    Hopper issue on Mystic

    DixieRoseYT, TitanVMC, WarmTartarSauce Mystic Titan sent me a ss today saying we have reached our hopper limit of 100. I am currently the island owner and we are both Saga. So we shouldnt be even close to that yet. I can place hoppers no issue. But Titan can not. And since I am island...
  8. DixieRoseYT

    Create a paid spectator mode for warp pvp

    There are times I like to go to pvp and just watch the fights. And so do some other players. My suggestion is when you type in /warp pvp a gui comes up with two choices. The first is free which is pvp as we have it. The second choice would be for spectator mode and would cost $25,000 each...
  9. DixieRoseYT

    Player Report Function not working

    I noticed tonight as I tried to report a player for vulgarity on Jurassic that I was unable to do /report player. I kept getting the message 'The player you have reported is not online' I talked with Navires and even tried to do /report player on one of my alts as well as Navires and it was...