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  1. DixieRoseYT

    MineSaga | Jurassic Reset

    I will be back in force. Maybe not competing but will be promoting the server, streaming and recording...excited!
  2. DixieRoseYT

    Tier 4 whitelists

    move your warp...add no fly
  3. DixieRoseYT

    Just a bunch of suggestions...

    Double void chests. Skellies dropped bows...player hosted pvp events
  4. DixieRoseYT


    I like the idea of a spawner that gives mobcoins. From a personal perspective it would help me out since constant clicking causes severe pain. I also know it would be abused. Could perhaps add that option to the butcher machine.
  5. DixieRoseYT

    Good Bye again

    Best of luck to you hun...will miss ya
  6. DixieRoseYT

    my resignation

    Best of luck Mistine.
  7. DixieRoseYT


    😭 I have always enjoyed speaking and playing with you too hun. Good luck on your journey..and maybe see ya soon. Hugz
  8. DixieRoseYT

    MineSaga | 2 Years Later

    Ha ha...nah your life is Minesaga...anything beyond that is just relative. XD
  9. DixieRoseYT

    My resignation

    You will be missed Slime..best of luck
  10. DixieRoseYT

    Another resignation, this time mine

    Love I will miss you too. IRL does take the front seat over gaming. Dont be a stranger, pop on and say hi once in a while. I wont forget the good times we had together. Especially the night JBM, FUBAI2 and my self went from 0 to top 10 in one night on space with your help and the help of so...
  11. DixieRoseYT

    Advent suggestion

    +1000..couldnt agree more with this. I remember last year it was so confusing what was being gotten on certain days.
  12. DixieRoseYT

    My Resignation

    Sad to see you go. You were one of my favorite mods. Won't be the same without ya.
  13. DixieRoseYT

    Christmas Update

    Love this time of year....awesome update!
  14. DixieRoseYT

    Closed Rank redeemed

    DIxieroseYT Jurassic Rank Issue I had put a rank on ah(stego) before I went to bed abou 6 hrs ago.I get on and it shows that I redeemed said rank. Only proof I really have is a capture from JBMDeck. I dont care about the rank really just want to help fix if there is bug...
  15. DixieRoseYT

    Classic Skyblock

    Yeah me too...ha ha...Not that I count in that group much right now but I do plan on being there. Classic skyblock does have aspects to it that are captivating and some that are grindy :\
  16. DixieRoseYT

    Classic Skyblock

    I am sure I will learn or die....More likely than not will continue to smash that shift key...LOL
  17. DixieRoseYT

    Classic Skyblock

    Never did master the elytra...oddly couldn't stay up. LOL This gives me a chance to try and learn it.
  18. DixieRoseYT

    Classic Skyblock

    This I can get behind...Love the no competition aspect. Just not the missing /fly...Hate hanging my backside over the void...HAHA
  19. DixieRoseYT

    Allow xpshop to be used

    Thanks for your opinion Vipey.
  20. DixieRoseYT

    Allow xpshop to be used

    I propose that the punishment of not being able to use xp shop due to auto clicking should be removed. Since the punishment is no longer valid since we no longer have xpshop just the mobcoin redemption.