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  1. Corning

    probably archer class bug

    im able to archer tag my island teammates and also myself, idk if it works 5penc is my island teammate and i archer tagged him, dk if it works
  2. Corning

    Denied betheny's Player Report

    Realm Western Username Iosrulespvp Their Username betheny Punishment So i said "B0000M what u doing for shrimps" "i was afk" then waited 20 or 30 seconds before saying "B0000M did u say ur setting up 247 peng for lilshrimps?" Then got false muted for "spam" Proof Attach File(s)...
  3. Corning

    Saga Rank

    Some people can probably just leave mid way thru it but sure +1
  4. Corning

    The Cave Suggestions :)

    Just some quick suggestions about The Cave POINTS There should be some kind of barriers before you can go from the IRON ORE CAVE to the GOLD ORE CAVE and so on, for example points, you would need to spend a certain amount of points for each barrier which can be gotten only by killing mobs...
  5. Corning

    Alert! Alert!

  6. Corning

    Island activity

    Yes please +1
  7. Corning

    No idea's Player Report

    Realm Space Username Corning Their Username No idea Punishment We had around 2 or 3 stacks of Tier 3 Hoppers in our /is chest, and it was open for everyone in the island, but now they arent there anymore. Proof Attach (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
  8. Corning

    Jin's 2 years anniversary. (and good bye post i guess?)

    Actually sad to see you go, I still remember when me and you used to swear at each other in pms (when u were staff lol), fun times. Bye my cutie.
  9. Corning

    New Realm

    All you have to do to win is print cactus chunks. having pets, better limit hopper would be useful but thats only mid game+, and you can get pets, hopper extensions in week 1 just by yourself. And also why did u just +1 your thread lol.
  10. Corning

    instant kill

    Sometimes i also can do 5-9 hearts damage, easy kills
  11. Corning


    I see you like skipping the parkour part with the slime mask
  12. Corning

    Denied Trainer_Wolf's Staff Application

    Bad playtime and your knowledge about stuff isn't correct
  13. Corning

    Rollback/Server Incident

    we taking fat L's
  14. Corning

    Top 3 Most Viewed Foruums

    stop making useless posts
  15. Corning

    Tips & Tricks When Applying

    Your knowledge is dogshit about this server
  16. Corning

    Buff growth rate of all crops except cactus

    They aren't coming close to cactus unless they are gonna make sugar canes or other crops sell 1k per
  17. Corning

    Suggestion: tag

    just buy a custom tag
  18. Corning

    Denied Invite Rewards

    big no -1