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    Despite the ‘nerfs’, it’s still massively op, which puts smaller teams/solo players at a big disadvantage against huge grinding teams :/ It might be worth looking at a serious revamp for this, so at least other farms get a chance, or possibly a larger scale shift to spawners would be good...
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    Fishing leaderboard

    With the recent buff of turtle pet, I thought it would be nice to have fishing leaderboards, like we have the mob kills leaderboard for frog
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    50 subs giveaway! Legendary Crate Keys!

    I am doing a small 10 legendary key giveaway to celebrate hitting 50 subs on YT (I know, not the biggest milestone but I’m fairly proud of it regardless). Ends Friday 5th June, 7pm UK time, I will stick the winner in the comments. It is super easy to enter (as explained in the video), and there...
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    Can we just get some youtubers/streamers on already??

    This server is already entering a gradual decline into irrelevancy (sorry owners, but it’s true) - like earlier there were like several hours on space where there was LITERALLY NOBODY in chat. There needs to be an influx of new players soon, as it is getting quite boring at times, and getting a...
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    Ender Dragon in One Block

    One block right now does not really have a goal, which makes it hard to motivate yourself to keep going on it. I would suggest that you can get ender portal frames in end biome chests, so that we could go to the end and kill the dragon, as a nice thing to work towards.
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    /ownerhistory, or a command like it, could be implemented and when used would show all the previous owners of an item. While not a huge change to the server, it would be fun, especially if you could get hold of an item e.g. auctioned by an owner!
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    Transferring money

    If one of your teammates gets banned, and will not be able to come back on for the rest of the season, they should be able to transfer their balance into the island bank. In my case, the banned member had over 1billion on him, a hugely significant amount to our team, and we have therefore lost...
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    Commander rank perms

    In the ranks section of the store, it says commander has access to /trash, whereas in game I cannot do this. Is it a bug?
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    Make fly purchasable in store for one block

    Would make building mob farms so much easier
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    AFK Fish Farms

    Right now, while it was a cool concept, the turtle pet is not really that useful to the economy compared to, say, the frog pet. However, I believe that adding AFK fish farms back onto the server would make this pet much more useful, and create an interesting change from the frog/cactus economy...
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    Challenge 23 - warp

    An island member of mine is unable to complete the challenge and wants me to make him the leader to complete it. Please can someone confirm that this is necessary, as I literally got insided yesterday, and DO NOT want it to happen again.
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    Accepted Karate1616's Player Report

    Realm Space Username Opdeadbush2 Their Username Karate1616 Punishment: Insiding/Large Scale theft - Ban This player recently joined my island. Accidentally, they placed down a diamond block, so I gave them perms to break valuables, and before I knew it, they had broken stacks of end...
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    Add ladders to shop

    For players without fly like some of those on my island, it is such a pain to have to craft ladders all the time, especially without /workbench. the simple addition of ladders to /shop would vastly streamline the process.
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    [suggestion] limited shop

    I think that the limited shop should appear more often, and for less time per appearance. It is definitely one of the most interesting features of the server for me, and it is a pity that it only occurs so occasionally. Furthermore, I believe that it should stock boss eggs for sale, which would...
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    IS permissions to break spawners

    I may be being stupid and missing something here, but how do you give IS members permission to break spawners? I can’t find it in the rank perms section of /is?
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    Pig Grinder with Frog Pet

    What is the best design for a pig grinder, to use with the Frog pet (Space Realm). My current setup is just a bunch of spawners on grass, and I was wondering if there was a better design. Thanks in advance!