Plus is our subscription model that allows users to receive perks and benefits for contributing a small amount of cash each month. Perks may vary from prefixes, cosmetics, exclusive content and new consumable items. This allows you to not only receive more perks on top of your rank, but to support the server in a long term and sustainable way. If you would like to subscribe to Plus, click the purchase button on our page.

Discord Channel

Gain access to a private Discord channel with other Plus members and our Staff team.


Ability to change the format and the colour of your MS+ prefix.

Queue Priority

Receive the same queue priority on every realm as members who have the top rank.

Monthly Reward

Receive 1 Treasure Chest on all realms every time you renew your Plus subscription.

Bypass Helpop Cooldown

Need lots of help? No worries. Bypass our /helpop cooldown and ask for help as much as you need.

Bypass Report Cooldown

Report as many users for breaking our rules as you need as you bypass the report cooldown.

Bypass Slowchat Cooldown

Send as many messages as you need to without being effected by slowed down chat.

Higher Friend Limit

Add more friends to your friends list with an additional 25 friends on top of the limit!

Increased Island Size

Increase the maximum members allowed on your Island by 2 members.

2x Vote Rewards

Double your Vote rewards daily by receiving 2x the normal rewards.

Weekly Kit

Access to a weekly kit giving you OP armour on all realms.

Delivery Reward

Unlock a daily delivery on every realm which will give you 1 Advanced Key.

Chat Colour

Receive the permission to change the colour of your chat.

Global Prefix

Allow other users to see you are a Plus Subscriber with a global tab and chat prefix.

Broadcasted Title

A title will be broadcasted across the network every time you renew your subscription.


You will have the ability to use Animated Avatars and use our Forums Dark Theme.

Chat Emotes

Access different emojis in chat by using a quick and memorable chat replacement.

Plus Tag on Statistics Page

Receive a Plus tag on your profile on our statistics page making you stand out.

Plus exclusive Tags

Gain Access to some exclusive tags that only Plus members will have in our /tags menu.


Ability to automatically start all of the Arcade games on our Arcade server.

Plus Members
Purchase our exclusive Plus Subscription ($9.99/month)
or on a yearly subscription and get 2 months free ($99.99/year)
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