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    Hello everyone!

    It is time to announce the release date of our latest project, the Prison realm. We have been working practically non-stop on this for almost a month now to allow us to give you the best product we could possibly offer. We have been beta testing with our staff team over the last few days and will be opening beta testing up to Saga and Legend ranks tomorrow so we can fix any issues they come across before we launch.

    Skyblock can be boring at times, especially as you get further through the season and you are waiting for a realm to reset, so we have decided that this would be the perfect combat to that to allow you to always have something to do... and to of course compete for much bigger cash prices.

    We are so excited to open this up to you guys and allow you to experience our version, and what we think is the perfect crossover between Skyblock and Prison.

    Saturday 4th of May, at 2:00 PM EDT
    (You can find this in your timezone by searching in Google)​

    Similar to Skyblock, or any other competitive gametype, the idea is to be the best to gain the biggest rewards. Level up your cell to achieve the highest valued cell on the server. Cell value can be achieved from mining or through farming but also many other different methods. Level up your pickaxes to give you different abilities and level up your spawners to drop you different items.

    Our lovely friend Resilience has made us a trailer. It gives you a small rundown as to what you can expect on the server and we will be using it to advertise with over the next week. You can view the trailer below.

    We want the rewards to be big, so we've gone ahead and done that! We also wanted to not just give the top 5 cells a reward, but the top 10 instead... so we've done that too. Below is a list of the rewards you get for being on top of cell top every week.

    One major change to this realm to any other realm we have done is that it is not just the top cell that will get a PayPal reward so make sure you read it carefully!
    • First Place: $250 PayPal and $200 Store
    • Second Place: $150 PayPal and $125 Store
    • Third Place: $100 PayPal and $100 Store
    • Fourth Place: $50 PayPal and $75 Store
    • Fifth Place: $75 Store
    • Sixth to Tenth Place: $25 Store
    This is the biggest set of rewards we have EVER given away on any MineSaga server to this date so we hope you enjoy competing for these.

    As this is a new server, I have included a list of features for you so you understand exactly what is going on.

    Coins are a new concept to Prison. Coins can be gained from Envoys, Crates and from Mobs when they are killed. Coins can be used in...

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