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Factions | $10,000 FACTION TOP

By Config Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Hey everyone.

    We're finally able to announce our Factions server, a project which we've been working on actively since February. Our team have been working vigorously throughout the beta to ensure that there's as little bugs as possible.

    We're releasing the server on...
    Saturday, 1st of September at 3:00 PM EST

    The post will cover all the details regarding Factions and hopefully address some concerns that came up during the beta. If you're aware of any bugs on Factions, please private message me them on Discord and I'll deal with them as soon as possible.

    Beta will end on Friday at 3:00 PM EST. Spawner placing will be disabled three hours before we take results.

    Worlds and Borders
    I noticed that there were a lot of complaints during the beta since we didn't have enough flat worlds. To compensate, we've added multiple flat worlds.
    • Overworld: 10k x 10k
    • Mars: 10k x 10k (Flat)
    • Nether: 5k x 5k (Flat)
    • End: 5k x 5k (Flat)

    That means there's a total of 16 corners to be claimed. The flat worlds are completely flat, whereas the overworld is not flat and contains generated structures. You can visit the other worlds via warps or by simply clicking the appropriate villagers at spawn. You cannot build or claim outside the border, and the "bouncy" border has been fixed. There is also a visual border at the above coordinates.

    We're investing lots of money in to Factions, and the prize total is worth $10,000. $5,000 is cash and the other $5,000 is store credit. This will be distributed via weekly payouts, with the first week acting as a grace period and therefore there will be no payouts. The grace period will have explosions disabled. The map will last six weeks.

    Each week, the following amounts will be paid out to all factions.

    First Place: $500/week (Buycraft) and $500/week (PayPal)
    Second Place: $300/week (Buycraft) and $300/week (PayPal)
    Third Place: $200/week (Buycraft) and $200/week (PayPal)

    Meaning we're giving a total of $1,000 out each week, for five weeks.

    You can set your PayPal email by using /f setpaypal, but if it's not set, we'll reach out to leaders individually.

    We've got a large amount of content available on Factions. I'm gonna make a huge list below of everything I can think of, but there's going to be stuff missing that I can't fit in to the post.

    We've got a modified Factions plugin to include new commands and features designed to make life easier.
    • Sister factions are added to make merging factions easier
    • Virtual vault with storage for your faction members
    • Virtual bank for storing explosives for your faction members...

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