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Changelog | 2nd February

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hello everyone,

    Changelog time, first one of the month. Hope you're all enjoying the resets. We only have Western and Kingdom left to reset now, which realm do you think will be next? Below is all the changes we have made since our changelog on January 19th. Hope you enjoy!

    ● Fixed fast place not working with named island level blocks.
    ● Fixed you being able to place masks.
    ● Fixed an error with our police bot where it would fail to process a username.
    ● Increased max mob stack size on Kingdom to 20,000.
    ● Changed the "kill 100 cow/sheep" achievement to pig/chicken as those spawners do not exist on new realms.
    ● Fixed an issue where XP crates would not spawn in the Arena on Western, Jurassic and Kingdom due to us pushing an update to the Arena.
    ● Setup supplydrops on Mystic (whoops!).
    ● Patched a book crash exploit again due to a wrong version of our Spigot being used.
    ● Fixed an issue where you would not get a few items from the crates on Mystic and Space due to a config error.
    ● Fixed key trading on Mystic & Space, it's working fine on the rest of the realms.
    ● Fixed issue where Mystic points would incorrectly override Space points, this means everyone will now have 0 points on Mystic.
    ● Disabled points pay/withdraw on Mystic as it was forgotten during the setup.
    ● Fixed the buy more spawners option showing the wrong quantity of spawners on Mystic and Space.
    ● Fixed some config mistakes with the new crates config on Mystic and Space showing incorrect amounts of items won etc.
    ● Made some changes to the Kill the King event to make it fairer.
    ● Fixed cosmetics showing in events games.
    ● Fixed an issues on the newly reset realms where buying spider eyes would give you ghast tears.
    ● Baby zombies will no longer spawn as the mobs in Dungeons.

    That is all everyone, quite a few changes for you. See you all for the event later today!

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