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Prison Relaunch

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hello everyone,

    For the past few weeks we have been thinking about what to do with our Prison server on the network. Originally, when we first had Prison on MineSaga it was actually a Prison realm with no crossover wit Skyblock. We had 2 realms, one played by MeeZoid and then Crypto which in it's peak hit almost 1,000 players when it was added to MineSaga.

    We have decided to go back to a regular Prison server that does not feature any crossover between Skyblock at all.

    We have decided to giveaway 3 of our best personal mines, the large emerald block mines. This giveaway will end Friday evening so make sure you are checking our Twitter so we can get them given to you before launch.

    What can you expect?
    When creating this new setup, we took the base setup from Crypto when it was moved to MineSaga in the most successful map it had. Of course we went and updated all of our plugins and added in some of the new features we have. For instance, Crypto used to have bitcoin which was used with an old plugin to add enchants to a pickaxe. We now have changed this to use our new gems plugin. A list of some of the changes is below.
    • Reverted to our old Auction house plugin.
    • Removed votes jackpots etc.
    • Added a new /trade plugin.
    • Created a brand new, cool, funky looking plots world.
    • Made a brand new /shop which will contain everything you need.
    • This server will be using the old Crates and monthly crates from Crypto.
    • Removed points/coins and minecrates will now only give you gems.
    • Changed prices of gems to suit new economy.
    • Reverted our fortune changes from last map so fortune will now act like vanilla minecraft again.
    • Bartenders at spawn to gamble your money.
    • PvP mine which was heavily requested.
    • XP shop where you can buy multiplier keys etc.
    • A return of multiplier keys

    Our store is now also live. You can see this on the home page of the store by clicking on the Prison tab. Anything purchased now will be received when the realm opens.

    Cash Prizes
    As it is now regular Prison, there is not really a lot we can do with cash prizes anymore however we will have a reward of $100 PayPal or $150 Store giftcard for the first person that reaches prestige 10. Once you hit prestige 10, take a screenshot and email [email protected] and if you are the first person and once we have verified it is you, we will pay you out!

    What will you keep?
    A few of you may be concerned that you will be losing your ranks however, that is not the case. Below is a list of things that you will keep.
    • Ranks
    • Fly
    • Autosell
    • Any tags you may have had...

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