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Changelog | March 15th

By System Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Hello everyone,

    Hope you've been enjoying the latest round of resets, and the latest updates, as you might have noticed, we squeezed two updates out in the past little while, perks for Nitro Boosters, and a missions update that will give your three tasks to complete every 24 hours, I highly suggested you check them both out, especially if you're boosting us, or into the grind.

    Anyways, on to the fixes,
    • Fixed the envoys status message including an old, unneeded placeholder.
    • Added /farming time to see how long is left until the event starts.
    • Fixed the Melee skill giving too much damage to players in PvP.
    • Added /nv while in parkour and dropper crates.
    • Fixed you taking damage from a strike bow when using an immunity orb.
    • Plus users can now use /reclaim to claim their monthly reward rather than it automatically being given to them.
    • Fixed an issue where users would not take damage from mobs in Dungeons.
    • Made some changes to our store to clean up our category URLs such as: https://shop.minesaga.org/category/western-ranks
    • Fixed cactus bombs selling on Western
    • Fixed the engineering missions not detecting placed redstone

    If there are any other bugs or feature ideas please report them in suggestions forum and we will get around to reviewing them asap.


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