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MineSaga | Western Reset

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Hello everyone,

    It is time to announce our penultimate reset for this season of Skyblock, the Western realm. The Western realm is probably our most competitive realm with the most amount of players and teams. We hope to see this update bring Westerns player count back to up to the numbers it used achieve.

    We have made lots of changes and this reset will bring everything that Mystic, Space and Jurassic have over to the Western realm to give all you Western players a new playing experience. We hope you enjoy it and hope to see lots of our original players from Western come back and enjoy this reset.

    As usual, the realm will be launching on Saturday at 2 PM EST. We really hope to see you all there as Western is a change from all of our other realms as it is vastly a farming economy. We hope you all enjoy this and enjoy figuring out which crops are best to use!


    Back to some giftcard giveaways now. Click the link below, retweet the tweet and follow us on twitter for a chance to win 1 of 3 $30 giftcards. The winners will be picked on Friday evening so make sure you are checking our twitter to see the winners so you can respond quickly to it and we can give you the giftcard before launch if you want to use it on Western! It is so simple to enter, you have no reason not to so make sure you do it!

    Another throwback spawn for you guys, I completely forgot this one even existed! I really like it though and I hope you do to. There will be 3 signs hidden around the spawn with a $10 giftcard on each one, good luck finding them!

    As I said previously this reset brings Western all of the changes that have been seen on our previous resets this season. One different change to every other map is that this map will be massively focused on farming. You will also see prices of things like pumpkins be massively higher than automated crops like cactus.

    Another change is the limited time shop. We think it is a great idea however, we don't think it happens enough. We will be changing this so it happens every 6-12 hours and the prices that things like carrots, potatoes etc sell for in this will be massively boosted to encourage users to be active, using farming boosters etc during this time to make the most out of it.

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