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Jurassic Reset

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hello everyone! 👋

    Well, here we are again with the last reset post of this season of Skyblock. It's been a good set of resets and we're very happy with the changes we have made. This is your last chance to play one of our newly reset realms this season. After this reset, there will be no new Skyblock realms resetting for a while so again, if you want to play, now is your chance.

    The post explains all of our changes that you will see when playing this season of Skyblock. There are a few differences so if you have already read previous posts, it is still worth giving it a scan through.

    Make sure you enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post too, it is a big one!


    Jurassic will be launching on Saturday 17th at 2 PM EST!
    (Click here to view the countdown!)

    Changes 📝
    Here are your list of changes for this final reset. I'd recommend giving it a good read over even if you had read the other posts just to make sure you're familiar with everything you're going to see.

    Fishing Event
    Our first change is the fishing event. This is something that we added a while ago but isn't really used like we would like it to be. We hope this change will change that. During the fishing event now, whenever anyone catches a fish in the lake, you will receive a reward! That reward may be a spawner, a generator charm, valuable blocks, crate keys or anything else! On top of this, the winner (the person who catches the most fish) will also get the reward.

    We hope this will encourage more people to stick around and actually go to the event.

    Something that was very commonly asked for was the return of the Nether. So, guess what? You will now be able to access the nether again through a nether portal on your island. Going through into the Nether will be like it was way back towards the start of MineSaga. You will receive your own Nether island that you can build in and basically do whatever you want in!

    Another thing asked for was some more achievements. I am not going to spoil anything but along the way, you will find a bunch more achievements for you to do. The rewards for these have also been heavily increased to again hopefully try and persuade people, especially in earlier game, to do these.

    A feature that we had a while ago, probably almost 2 years ago now, was a boss that would spawn daily in warp pvp. This boss will spawn at 3 PM EST Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The boss will have a ton of health and the player that does the most damage to it will be given the rewards!

    You can expect the rewards to be better than the normal boss rewards...

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