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Changelog | 7th February

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Another hard week at work for us, and a lot more bug fixes too! We've recently fired a developer and had another one leave us for personal reasons which has set us back quite a while in terms of development. We recently hired 2 more developers which is great as we can now give them bigger projects while @System concentrates on all the bugs and issues on a day to day basis.

    Anyway, same as before, a few points I'd like to talk about before I give you a list of things changed.

    Players were getting muted for absoutely ridiculous things like "Gullible you smell". We clarified with our staff team that saying things like this does not fall under our disrespect rule so you will no longer see people getting punished for things like this.

    Insiding is when you, as an island member, take items off an island that isn't yours and leave. Regardless of whether the items were yours in the first place, you put them on the island so they now belong to the island and not you. Taking them is insiding and you will be punished.

    I think those are the two main points I wanted to talk about this week, so, lets get on with the compiled change log of all the things that has been fixed this week.


    • There will no longer be 2 $ signs in /cf menu.
    • Clay shop prices were adjusted to make them in line with the economy.
    • Clear lag message in chat now stands out a little more.
    • Finally fixed people getting TP'd into the void on prison.
    • Added a runes information post (found in notices).
    • Staff can no longer remove things out of chests while in staffmode (whoops).
    • Generators menu size was fixed to be the correct size.
    • Generators auto sell now works.
    • Generators that are graded now produce blocks at the same speed as a level 10 generator.
    • Supply drops on Western fixed.
    • Points placeholder on scoreboard in mining world was fixed.
    • Command for /ad being wrong in /warp tutorial was fixed.
    • You no longer get the rank on the wrong server when you use a coupon.
    • Crates jackpot messages have been changed to include the word "crate".
    • Spelling error in billionaire quest has been resolved.
    • Farming boosters for 30m now have the correct duration.
    • Creatures hunger saving weirdly has been fixed.
    • End event will no longer give out silverfish spawners (whoops).
    • Resolved, and banned a player, who used an exploit with /hilo.
    • Fast place from crates and packages will now be given to you as a coupon.
    • Runes no longer work in spawn.
    • Added doubles to walmart so you can now list things with decimal places.

    Once again, things may not have been pushed to all your realms yet until they reboot so some things may still not have arrived.

    Thanks once again for all the continued support, can't wait until we can release some information on our upcoming updates.

    Thanks guys,

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