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Changelog | 19th March

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • We have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to push out as much content updates as we can which has meant small things that we have changed were not announced and have been forgotten about. This post will basically outline all the small changes we have made to the server over the last 10 days or so.

    • Added the ability to mine end frames with a diamond pickaxe
    • Fixed the treasure kit giving incorrect bosses
    • Fixed getting the correct coupons out of monthly crates for rank names
    • Fixed the island coop glitch being able to be kicked off your own island (On reboot)
    • Pushed the Island update
    • Made some changes to the way our queue works
    • Heavily edited our core plugin
    • Made some changes to how envoys work
    • Fixed nether being unbreakable
    • New mob stacking plugin - mobs will now not stack for 10 seconds making it better for IG farms (Deployed to Mystic, Medieval & Pirate - Coming to Jurassic, Western and Space when they reset)
    • Fixed visiting a youtubers island quest not working
    • Fixed the invite an island member quest
    • Implemented Discord sync
    • Implemented auto restarts between 1am and 6am EST
    • Updates to minions plugin
    • Expanded our development team
    • Lots of other things that I can't talk about :)
    We've also made some changes to the way coupons will work for winning /is top. When you get a coupon for winning, it will only be redeemable for things on the realm you won it on as currently people are taking $300 worth of coupons to new realms and completely ruining it for other people.

    Thank you again for the continued support!

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