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By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Hello everyone,

    Every day we get asked tons of questions about the features we have on MineSaga and how to use them. This thread will outline almost all the custom features we have on the server and how to use them. If you think anything else should be added to this thread to help our new users out, feel free to leave a reply below!

    How to start on MineSaga
    To create an island, execute the command /is. This will bring you up a menu that allows you to select an island. Feel free to select any island you want to by clicking on any icon you wish. Once done, you have made yourself an island. You can teleport to it by doing /is then clicking the bed or using the command /is go. Once you have yourself an island, you will want to start making some money. To do this, players usually start with farms such as cactus or sugar cane. Once you have got yourself some money, depending on the economy of the realm you are playing, you will want to purchase spawners. All items you will need to play MineSaga can be located in /shop. This is clearly labeled and teaches you how to buy and sell items.

    Once you have purchased spawners, create your grinder and start farming them! You can sell inventories of items using the command /sell all. The main aim is to build up enough money to increase your island value. You can view your island value by doing /is worth. To increase your value, you will want to buy blocks that are worth island value. These blocks are mineral blocks such as diamond and emerald but also blocks like sponge, hay and end frames. You can see how much a block is worth by typing /is value while holding the block. You can purchase these blocks from /shop in the category "Level shop". Keep placing these blocks to increase your island position to keep working your way onto /is top (the top value islands on the server). The more spawners, the more farms, the more money you make!

    Now the basics have been said, I will run through all the different features and plugins we have that will make your life easier and give you things to do in between increasing your island values.

    End Game
    The End Game takes place every Sunday unless you are told otherwise. The aim of the event is to capture all of the eggs by standing in the circle and capturing it for your island. Other teams can uncapture your egg by standing in the circle until the timer is up. Once you have all the eggs captured, you will win.

    We also have a conquest event that takes place on Saturday. This is also in the end. Stand on a capture point for 30 seconds and you will gain a point. The first team to 50 points will win the event.

    Community Chest
    The community chest is a place which allows users to place all their unwanted items which other users may need. You can access this by doing /chest.

    Cobble Generator
    There are many different ways to create a cobblestone generator. Click...

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