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Changelog | September 20th

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hello everyone,

    Hope you're all okay! If you have missed our announcements somehow over the last week, we just released our first reset of this season of Skyblock, the Kingdom realm! This has a ton of new features and obviously a ton of changes. It isn't too late to get started, you can read the reset post by clicking here.

    Anyway, that being said, here is your changelog of all the changes we have made since September 7th. Obviously with us working on the Kingdom reset, there isn't as many as normal!
    • Fixed users being unable to use shop signs on plots.
    • Fixed a config error with crates that said you got 5 end frames from a key instead of 15.
    • Heavily nerfed the Monopoly enchant on Prison to make the payout of it higher.
    • Added a pickaxe to the Plus kit on Prison.
    • Fixed the Saga tag prefix colour changer not working in /options on Prison.
    • Added a bunch more levels to gems enchants on Prison.
    • Only blocks mined out of mines will count towards block top on Prison.
    • Added a /gang rename <name> command to Prison.
    • You can now remove the Cubed enchant from your pickaxe on Prison using /disenchant.
    • Sell wands will now only have 750 uses at the multiplier on your wand per day. Anything sold after those 750 uses will be sold at normal shop prices. The day will reset at midnight EST.
    • Fixed an issue where when returning from an event and wearing heart boost armour, you would lose too many hearts.
    • Increased the despawn time on Mine Crates from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where people located on the island that is capturing out post would get the outpost boost and not just the island members.
    • Fixed an issue where users were getting the "Free" role from Prison in Discord.
    • Fixed issue where a certain ability on Prison would break the bedrock border of the mine.
    • Fixed issue where 'last recent on' on Kingdom displayed the wrong month.
    • Fixed issue where playtime placeholder isn't being translated in chat, on Kingdom.
    Well, that is all I have for you today! Hope you're all enjoying the Kingdom reset and see you all for the key all later!


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