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  • Hi everyone.

    We've been working on a large update to Gangs, which allows you to host gang wars, have your own gang island, and compete for the top spot in our Gang leaderboards. This post will provide details on these new features along with how to use them.

    The update will be deployed to all realms over the next few days!

    Wars and Leaderboards
    Gang Wars allow gangs to duel each other, similar to our other duel system. Wins will determine your place on the gang leaderboards, with you being able to view the leaderboard in your new, updated Gangs menu.

    Red banners indicate a loss, green indicates a win. To duel another gang, you simply execute /duel request name to send a request. This will then teleport your gangs to an arena, where you can fight to the death! The winner will receive a higher gang ranking, which can be viewed in the gangs menu.

    If you have a higher gang position, then you will have a bigger gang island.

    Gang Island
    Gangs can now have their own gang islands. The gang islands will not have any ranking, value, or work with most island features. It is a space for you and your island to build, and do as you please. As mentioned previously, the higher your gang position (aka more wins), the bigger your island.

    Closing Remarks
    We've been in desperate need of a Gangs update for a while, so here we go! We hope you guys enjoy these updates, and we've got even bigger updates coming over the next few weeks.


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