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Undead Update

By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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    Hello everyone,

    It is time for another update post today. It has been almost a month since our last update but we have been very busy over the festive period so we were unable to get one out. However, today we bring to you the Undead Update! Make sure you read the whole post so you know exactly how it works. We hope you like it.

    Masks are a new feature that we have wanted to introduce for a while now, but were not big enough to go in an update of there own. We have finally found another update that we can fit it into. There are 4 different types of masks for now. Of course we will be adding more in the future and as you suggest some ideas for masks we can get them added also.

    Masks are purchased via the masks shop which can be accessed at /souls menu.

    Hovering over each mask will give you information about it and hovering over nether star will allow you to see how many souls you currently have. You can purchase a mask by clicking on the one you would like to buy. Masks can be purchased with souls. Souls are explained later in this post.

    To equip a mask, place it in your helmet slot. While wearing the mask, it will go down in energy. To recharge your mask simply take it off your head and it will recharge over time. It will only update the percentage when you put it back on your head so to see what percentage charge it is at simply just wear it again and it will update.

    The 4 masks have different boosts/benefits. You can find the list of what each one does below.
    • Pig (+5% sell boost whilst equipped)
    • Cow (1.2x mob spawning on your island)
    • Wolf (-10% damage whilst equipped and permanent Speed)
    • Slime (no fall damage and permanent Jump Boost 3)

    Souls are essentially a new form of currency that can be used to do 2 things as of right now. Souls can be gained by killing mobs by hand. This doesn't mean with your hand, it just means killed manually as apposed to being killed by a drop or lava etc. You will not get a soul for every mob you kill but you will have a percentage chance to get one.

    Souls are virtual but can be withdrawn with /souls withdraw <amount>. When you gain enough Souls, you can use them to buy a mask or they can be withdrawn using the command above and thrown into the Pit of Darkness at spawn. When there are enough Souls in the Pit of Darkness, the Purgatory event will start.

    This is probably my favorite thing about this update. To start the Purgatory event, you can find the Pit of Darkness in the spawn...

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