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Mystic Reset

By Config Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Hey everyone.

    I'm writing this post to let you know that our Mystic realm will be resetting this Saturday! I've made a list of the changes below. I hope to see you there this weekend.

    We're introducing two new creators at the network Seepeakay and FalseSymmetry, who will both be uploading videos on the realm. Please expect a large increase in players on the realm, and please give them a warm welcome and help them get started!
    Make sure to give him a warm welcome just like you guys have done with all the previous content creators who have uploaded on the network.

    Changes and Additions
    We've not made too many changes, but we've made a few for the better. Most of the changes we've been working on are performance based and work behind the scenes. We've merged and re-coded over twenty plugins, which will allow us to both host more players and introduce new features. These changes will soon be deployed to all new realms once we're sure they're working fine.

    Another change we've made is in regards to our performance. We've worked hard with our development team to create a good, balanced system to allow players without losing any game value.

    The current system is working great, so we'll be sticking with it. Please read below for prize details.

    First Place: $100/week (PayPal)
    Second Place: $100/week (Buycraft)
    Third Place: $50/week (Buycraft)
    We'll be taking the winners every Saturday, and it'll be announced in Discord.

    Economy Changes
    We're going to be making some economy changes to ensure the economy is much more stable and can survive longer than it did. Our ultimate aim is to create a more fair, enjoyable playing experience. These changes should help with that.

    We hope that these changes encourage non-donators to give the server a shot, instead of just leaving or giving up.

    What will I keep?
    We've compiled a list of things that you'll keep when the realm resets. Note that, if you used a voucher in-game, you'll also still keep it.
    • Ranks
    • Fly
    • Kits
    • Island Expansions
    • Hopper Expansions
    • Fast Place
    • Points
    • Tags
    • Cosmetics
    • Creatures
    Anything else will most likely be reset. It's a fresh start, for everyone.

    When is this reset?
    The realm will be resetting on Saturday, 4th of August at 2:00 PM EST. If you want the time in your timezone, simply search "2 PM EST" in to Google.

    If you happened to miss that, the reset is on...

    Saturday, 4th of August at 2:00 PM EST
    We hope to see everyone there!

    Closing Remarks
    We'll be picking the winners of the island top prizes for the last week...

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