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By Gullible Thursday at 2:22 PM

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  • Finally, we're at a point now where we can start thinking about expanding our slots as yesterday, we pushed our performance updates which means every realm at the slots they were before is now running essentially perfectly. We did obviously have a few issues as there was a lot that was updated but these will be listed and explained below.

    Jurassic will now have 500 slots, and will be just fine doing that. Space will be able to stay at 700 for a while, but will need to be decreased as we go through the map obviously. Western and Mystic will be fine at 500. The only realm still struggling a little is Kingdom. The slots are at 450, and the TPS has almost doubled from what it was however, there is just a huge amount of minions on there so we are working on optimizations for that to get that realm where it should be also.

    So.. what exactly is broken? Minions losing their tools is now fixed. Minion chunk load module is a work in progress, but will take time for us to fix. Some mobs only dropping the loot of 1 will be fixed on reboot. This is essentially caused by your mob going into an unloaded chunk so the server loses track of how many mobs it has stacked to it.

    As for the changes, we've changed an awful lot. I will bullet point below what we have changed and explain in a little more detail also.
    • Mobs now stack to 5000
      • One of the big issues we had was with the huge amount of entities we had, this allows us to have essentially 10x less entities on the server
    • Deployed a Spigot patch
      • This helped with the lag that our huge amount of spawners caused
    • Decrease in spawn amounts
      • Spawners will now only spawn 1/3rd of what they used to, but shop prices have been increased 3 times to make up for this and to hopefully fix the huge amount of entities you guys get and not being able to keep up with it
    • "BlackMagic" and Minions updates
      • We've pushed a lot of updates in our core plugin called BlackMagic which has helped with performance and of course, to our new minions plugin
    There has been a lot of other config changes etc as well that we have changed but we would be here for ever listing them.

    Now that this is done to a level where you shouldn't notice the lag on any realms anymore, we can get cracking on with weekly updates again as we have sort of lacked on these over the last 2-3 weeks. Expect some big things coming soon.

    We hit our all time peak player count again today so thank you all for your support - it has been crazy.

    Hope all your exams went well, but come back to MineSaga now ;)


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